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  1. Sir,
    I came to your defense on another board -seems everyone is riding Shifflet's butt HARD-BUT if Justin is OK from his surgery I plan to pick him for my fantasy team .
    Good Luck and I hope you kick ODU's ass.
  2. Sir,
    I apologize for the lateness of my answering but this message just ''popped up' from nowhere -I really hope Justin respects his rehab -I have had numerous surgeries and am paying the toll for them now !!Take care .russ
  3. Sir,
    Welcome aboard -your son scored me a lot of points in fantasy last year -I think this really may be a blessing in disguise -this will give Justin an extra year in the weight room as the jump from 41 to 49 is HUGE-Please wish hiom well for me and just tell him to keep hi shead up and set goals for himself in the weight room and NOT to rush an ACL tear -my rehab was horrible ,but I am an old man .He is in great hands at Hofstra and just keep reminding him what a great future still awaits him .russ
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