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  1. Oh yea... that makes sense, I totally understand.

    I do plan on using this site as a resource for feedback on how to best run a tournament (from the participants perspective), a place to discuss rule changes, make available new coaching jobs, I will also help other people promote their tournaments on my site.

    If you'd like I'll put a link to your site from mine as well.

    I'll be commenting regularly on other peoples threads and blogs, but a lot of my posts will be independent posts will be about what NCWCC is doing around the country in college wresting, clinics, and open tournaments.
  2. Dude, I really prefer people to put some real work in and show they're about being a part of this place before I go ahead and put work in for them.

    Put some time in and show me you're about more than just trying to get free help from me and my people, and then maybe we'll talk about working together.

    I apologize if this sounds kind of callous, but thats how we've gotten down for a while now. I even list it in my Welcome/Rules section
  3. I have a fledgling program that I am trying to promote.
    National Collegiate Wrestling Club Concepts

    check out my website.
    If you like wat you see, will you help me get the word out?
  4. Hello Wrestling Club Concepts,

    Welcome to!

    First you want to stop by and edit your Profile Picture and your Profile Information.

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    Then, go check out the wrestling & mixed martial arts forum and our selection of Wrestling Gear.

    Please read the rules and enjoy your stay!
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