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  1. The #2 rumour is dustin moving up..........the #1 rumour is that he'll take a Redshirt year, so I'm willing to chance it.
    Thanks for the concern; I appreciate it.

  2. Not sure how far we'll get but that should be enough. One question though, you know the rumors about Dustin possibly moving up this year right?

    You sure you still want Saf this early?
  3. Sorry to make you keep doing my work for me, Shane. I have dinner and a concert tonite.
    My choice in order: Safrotowich, Baker, Hochstrasser, Tanelli, Hashimoto, Smith-Bergman.......thank you.
    How far do you think we'll get tonite?

    Tim V
  4. Good morning Shane.
    IN this order please: Sanders, Mason(he's down at 165 this year), Dergo, and Safratowich.

    Thank you.

  5. Kissel is a pinner, and I learned from last year that bonus points are important.

    Thanks for filling in for me......i'm one of those guys that is i the rack asleep by 10......and then up and at 'em by 5am.

  6. Kissel is an interesting pick, Sanders would be a very interesting pick this early. I'll get them for you though if Lost steals Ptax.

    I doubt we get back to you tonight anyway, so I'll probably hit you up either tonight or tomorrow morning about your next one.
  7. Yo Shane........I'll probably be in bed shortly. My first choice(since some bastard took Precin) is would be Kissel........and next would be Sanders

    Thank you.

  8. JensenS: If you can't trust an attorney, who can you trust???
    Trust me!!!
    I won't take advantage of anyone!!

    Seriously, I may become more of a Sconny than Minny fan this year..........Iowa coming to town.......great recruiting class.......I want to see Barry succeed. Can't wait for the season to begin.

  9. ...I see what you did there!!!! You can't fool me Mr. TLV!
  10. I know......since i"m so hard to get ahold of, how about I do all my picks at once and get it over with??? Then you don't have to worry about me delaying things!!

    I promise not to take all the top ranked guys, Shane.


    Tim V
  11. Its a quote from Luke Zachirich, another contestant on The Ultimate Fighter about May. On one of the shows May disparaged someone by saying "He lost to Luke Zachrich, come on now". Zachrich responded in his recap blog by saying the quote thats in my sig. CB Dolloway doesn't really have much love from May either. Check for more info.
  12. Hey Boss:
    What's with the quote on jeremy May, a nice former wrestler from Sconny. 3 timer and almost won 4th......didn't do too well in college..first Nebraska and then Indiana I think.

    Tim V
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