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  1. Lookie.. a free technique video system:

    I just need to get the videos all in there now
  2. I stuck the thread for you AA predictions. Thats a good read! Feel free to remove the sticky if you don't think its necessary.
  3. If the server starts going slow later tonight its because I'm importing 60,000 pairs of shoes and bags to this store im working on... it might take an hour or two.. I'll try to keep the server load down enough so it doesn't slow us down too much.
  4. just fixing some stuff on it.
  5. I saw you canned a thread by milton, just let me know if he starts sending in too much junk and not enough quality content .. it shouldn't be more than 5-6 a day.
  6. Have you checked out Firefox 3 yet? A couple pretty nice enhancements, most addons now work with it too. This is a few steps away from being released, probably just a couple weeks.
  7. want him gone or give him another chance?
  8. TLV asked me the same thing, and I really don't know. The May I'm talking about is the shit talker on The Ultimate Fighter this season
  9. The Jeremy May quote ... was this May a wrestler from WI?
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