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  1. I try sir.
  2. You are a hard working man ,sir .
  3. Really -time for Penrith to GO
  4. Yeah, I've got my eye on the dual just to see how Fanthrope does.

    The beat down that Sorenson gave to Tyson Reiner kind of surprised me, although Reiner got beat down by Jannsen too so maybe I shouldn't have been.
  5. Fanthorpe is wrestling Jaunch ?? Beets gave up e1 td2 in last 30 seconds to LOSE-Ban Basketball must be suicidal-Fatboy lost to Bugenhagen last week and David Wade from EMU.
  6. I know in the end that you're going to make your own choice regardless of what gets said here.

    All I can do is wish you luck in terms of whatever choice you wind up deciding to make.
  7. I went to school and wrestled with the Detective handling the case -I saved his sister 30 some years ago so he said he'll give me the heads up-I am 90% sure -2 black Gang banger drug dealers -I'll save the tax payers some money -I told Randy ,the Detective, if they make an arrest before he let's me know- i'll be to see him life sux so bad J-I can't feed myself at the end of the month-no shit -they cut my food stamps in 1/2-I have the use of one arm -am old and can't fight -but I can and will pull a trigger -the cops can shoot me all day -i really don't care .
  8. Honestly torn on what to say...on one hand I want to tell you to sit down, don't do anything rash and take time to think this through.

    On the other hand if it were my sister I'd be looking to do the same thing you are.
  9. Waiting on a call as all I have access to is a .22 and that ain't gonna cut the nut .
  10. Yeah. I've got your pick...

    I honestly have no idea what to say Russ about what just happened except that I am incredibly, incredibly sorry.
  11. j-
    you have my pick ? They just found my sister in an alley beaten and raped so I'll be gone -hopefully forever, as if I find who did it they are dead .
  12. Kind of a sleepy day for discussion I guess. I'll probably start paying closer attention when Nebraska and CMU dual.

    Things will pick up with Reno, and then Midlands and the Scuffle next weekend.
  13. That kid was tough for Div. 2 -but no one on the board cares .
  14. He managed to pull it out 9-7.

    Given that Zapp got Pena I probably won't be trading him anyway, but if I were that match certainly wouldn't be doing a lot ot help that trade value.
  15. I see now that Sentes went up to 141// Dallie is getting his ass kicked tho..
  16. Sentes didn't wrestle -unless he went 141 ? And Beebe is a starter for ISU-not a back up to Lost .
  17. The rules were changed at the beginning of the rule to where you can still score your guy's points if he bumps up in the dual.

    Both ISU and Lost will get points for Beebe and Sentes.

    Had Beebe lost and Steintrager won ISU would not have gotten his (Steintrager's) points you only get back up points (and ISU still has rights to Steintrager until next week) if your guy does NOT wrestle and his back up wins.
  18. LOL-how ya gonna score that one ?? beebe is still on ISU's roster -I think-LoSt will be shitty no matter what -as he can't get those points -I think-Funny stuff
  19. Excellent find.
  20. found live stats -CMU majored UNK// 10-2 at 125 -on Nebraska's page.
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