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  1. i think Orozco can place .
  2. i wnat Loopy, to place
  3. I'd like to think that my boy Dake can pull off the title at 141. It'll be relatively thin other than him and Thorn.
  4. No Monterio , No Biondo, -should be a hell of a tournament -125-Esco 133 Ness 141-wide open 149-Kyler 157 Kinser/Moley 165 Young /Kerber /King/minny 174 henreich/Perry 184 Kilgore /Honeycutt 197/Strawn /

    Go to the yellow bar running across the top of the page and click "Team/Individual Entries" should be kind of self explanatory from there. You'll get a couple tournaments listed on the next page, obviously pick the Scuffle then go from there.

    If you still can't find it from there let me know and I'll try to provide a bit more detail.
  6. J-
    where did you find the entry form for the Scuffle ??
  7. Yup-was gonna warn him -
  8. If you flex him you can score him where ever he wrestles, otherwise he was to wrestle the weight that you listed at to get points.

    If you're talking about Zapp's situation with Polz I already suggested that he flex him.
  9. Mistah commisshhhionah,
    What is the ruling on say a guy dropping DOWN for a tournament ???
  10. Strange but the Scuffle has Mason listed as well as the Midlands -that will be one tired ass kid .
  11. Later on in the week around Wednesday or Thursday I think, you may want to check the Midlands threads from the past few years as I would assume you could find your answer there.
  12. When will the true seeds be posted -if O'Conner is skipping the tournament I need to adjust my line up .
  13. idea on Deitchler.
  14. Good -great kid-no one wanted him save IU and Nebraska-he made the wise choice . Any definitive word on JAKE ??
  15. Husker Du (who actually is an old wrestler for Nebraska) said over on TheOpenMat that he spoke with a Husker assistant.

    Said Jordan tore his LCL and PCL and is done for the year, but that he JUST meets qualifications for a medical hardship and should be back next year.
  16. Div1 is saying Burroughs is done for the year -Seton Hall Pirate verified it -I do NOT think he qualifies for a med hardship as he is over 30%-I don't know .
  17. Manuel just got a 5 point tech and Brown a 4 pointer -I belive Brown got stuck last year by that brute from Notre Dame College .
  18. Thanks -I, personally , would have drank Hemlock rather than cancel the trade-not that I have any need of Steele -just on principle .
  19. I'll take care of it.
  20. J-
    I tried but could not delete the Post where I had Steele up for trade -could you tell me how or would it be quicker for you to do it ? Whichever .Thanks .Russ
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