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  1. OK-now we are dangerously close to sounding like a couple of old women -let's press forward .Thanks.
  2. I appreciate the apology and I apologize again for not making myself clear enough the first time.
  3. I screwed up -sorry .
  4. Its fine, don't worry about it.
  5. OK-I was hot for a minute because LoSt just tried to FUCK you over and all I am doing is trying to help a friend -why HE picked Glasser is beyond my understanding -I''ll go ahead and send him Kerber -if he would have stood up for himself with Epperly he'd have a 165 , instead of a gimp who the Wyoming Buffalo fart says will be out til mid January .
    I am too old for the ''1,000 shocks the body is heir to'' Hamlet -last night ended up with my sister signing to release my other sister and me chasing the crazy bitch down the street and carrying her to bed-J-I swear on my nephew's life-I can barely carry my own self much less a 48 year old Demented woman up a flight of stairs -I had to eat Pain killers and Muscle relaxers to sleep as my entire body hurt an spasmed -at least no one went to jail-a commen occurrence at FAMILY gatherings .
    I appreciate your decision and -please forgive me-I was calling you everything but a white man-I also could feel the walls reforming .
  6. You can use Kerber if you want, I didn't mean for that to be a misunderstanding.

    What I meant was Gofer can't use Kerber, and you can't use Perry until next week.

    Sorry about that.
  7. Kerber was in my line up-originally -why can't I use him ?? You let LoSt and ISU revise their line ups and they just flat out tried to scam you -just cancel the trade--I only did this because goph was ffting 165 -so I am being punished for trying to help someone -in that case just cancel it and keep line ups the way they were .
  8. Can we put the trade on hold then ?
  9. Rosters are due on Friday, no dice on Kerber or Perry in your line ups this week.
  10. JensenS-I just traded Kerber to Goph for -shudder-Trevor Perry-he wants to use Kerber this week -yea or nay ?? The Scuffle doesn't start for 3 days -I can move Perry in as my flex and he can have Kerber .
    Your call.
  11. I am just basically trying to get goph a 65 -he doesn't have one since the epperly debacle-Onufer's knee is banged up and will likely need scoped -according to the Wyoming paper .Instead of the CAA's Orozco has the Menlo duals and all Strawn has in his favor is his weak conference and great schedule as I've seen NO wrestling Skils improvement -the only way he got better was by Byers RSing . Lapotsky has made a big leap this year and will be a high AA.
  12. Its all good...our teams just don't match up particularly well right now. Neither of us really have a glaring need so it would really just be trading for the sake of trading.
  13. no thanx -I have riley to wrestle confereces and he will win the Pac 10 and Strawn is nowhere near the wrestler Lapotsky is , not even close -Lapotsky may be 3rd in his conference but he is 4th in the nation with 1 6-3 loss to Brester .
  14. I'll think about it, but right now I'm leaning towards no...

    My main issue being that its difficult for me to agree to trade any of my back ups right now because the main reason that I have these specific guys is that they all fill in certain gaps for me.

    Unless you would want to do Lapotsky (3rd or 4th in his conference) for Strawn (basically lock to be a conference champion) straight up. I don't think I would agree to that in your position so I'm fine if you say no.

    I'm already planning to offer Strawn up in a specific trade after CAA Duals anyway.
  15. It won't help or hurt you this week-I was thinking Lapoposky and Orozco for Strawn and PJ.Lapotsky is ranked 4th in the nation and Orozco is #1 in the Pac 10.Strawn is 12th ??? and PJ??? I offer those 2 in a package as their schedules meld together perfectly -or if you want to keep PJ send Hamlin -as he will have to beat Riccio and Rebertus and Lewnes to win his conference . Lapotsky will AA this year -top 5 or 3 -Orozco will beat Casperson .
  16. I feel good about my line up for this week.
  17. If you want to propose something I'll listen, but I'm not going to propose anything.
  18. Interested in some last minute wheelin and dealin ' ??
  19. Wonder what's up with Biondo ? Trusty may be in trouble -Foster missed Reno,Hoch has wrestled 4 matches , Simaz hasn't been tearing things up and I seriously doubt Flint Ray or Anwar Goeres will go deep into midlands -especially at 141.
    I've been reading Hoch's knee may be pretty serious. I picked Foster to win RENO and he DNW-plus Jones is dinged . You can't put your head down one second in the Pac 10 at 33 or 41 . And with Smith from Wyoming cutting back down to 33 I thought some of GAGE's trade offers were for real.
  20. I agree with you on both guys, both Loopy and Orozco can place.
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