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  1. J-
    I made a trade and no one screamed-- yet-Nemec for Salazar.
  2. KSU just stepped on CSU -no Cathell-rested 1/2 their team -maybe Cathell makes it to Va Duals after all.
  3. Erik NYE is my hero-4-2 over Monterio !! I vote for one more supplemntal round .
  4. As long as you know . The JO I saw in high school -well , I just can't conceive him being thrown by someone his weight -if Foster is out -really -why not wrestle McNeil-the kid is an animal-Okie could have AA's at 125, 133 ,141 ,165,174,197 and HWT -why not throw Phillips out there at 84 ?? -I would bump Notte ,Oliver and Parks up a class -say good bye to fuentes -TELL Erisman to quit wrestling like a pud , spend an extra 30 minutes with Meade a night ,Benefiel is wrestling great -if foster is gone put some pounds on McNeill or Perry, Z will AA and Rosholt is my pick to win it .
    They have SO much talent in that room !!
  5. Ok-the dude's a dick, tho-you ever find out the story behind Boris' match ?? Like I said , there are 2 completely different stories on the Okie site -and the score book won't open to a specific weight class once the match is finished .
  6. JensenS
    Anyway to shut down the thread ''HELL'' as Coach Sparky just said you weren't very bright and I predict that one asshole will ruin it for everyone
  7. the OKIE page reads Oliver chose Neutral and ar :24 was taken down and put on his back -the recap is different -the scorebook won't open up to 133 so ??? Oliver lost and Boris won -all I know .
    If Foster is hurt why not stick McNeill out there at 84 ?? Wish I could have been there when Smith took the Russian down .
  8. I thought so too until I read the recap-the recap says 1-0 going into the third meaning Some one took neutral -then TD and it says ''under a minute CalPoly turned Oliver for a 3 point NF-I wish I could read the scorebook -the real one or talk to someone there . The Recap either reinvents the match or recaps it ?? Who knows ??
  9. I thought that it read that Boris took both up in the third...then with 24 seconds left he hit a 5 pointer?
  10. J-
    I read the results on Okie States site and Oliver did NOTHING -chose down in the third and laid there like a slug -got turned and was in triple figures on his light count -ALL he did was not get stuck .
    From what I ''read'' on sites Parks is making a big cut too -looks like they would be a better team, with JO at 141 and Parks at 49 . Notte doesn't have to kill himself making 25 , either .
  11. I watched like half of it. He's got his pluses (work from top with legs in) and his minuses (sloppy/slow on the feet) as a wrestler, like most do.
  12. J-
    Did you see the Yohn /Biondo match on Flo ? Yohn tried to step over a whizzer or straight across Biondo's back-his skills are eroding -They shook hands ad Biondo hit him with a drag by -2 second TD-Yohn may be a bull -but he's not much of a wrestler yet .
  13. THAT'S 2 years straight -I think the wrestlers want wrestling to fail-I HATE football-yet I lost the finals the other day because the Colts sat their starters,Manning ,Wayne and Clark are all on my fantasy -now it is flowing over to wrestling -what lame excuse did Minkle come up with -he forgot his geretol ??
  14. Gomez isn't at the Midlands either. Mojo is going to take a tumble this week.
  15. I don't like mine -at least the ''Marginal'' guys -at 197 obviously ,141 will have to face Casey Thome -RD149 picks him as a surprise AA at 41 -165 Young has Les Gutches cousin-a freshman at Boise State . MOJO took a double hit-No DUDZIAK and Barone finally makes 184 .This is as deep a tourney as I can remember -No MONTERIO-no Rebertus -Minny has an uphill climb-Glasser has some work to do .
  16. Save for Strawn, I kind of like the draws that my guys have at least early on.
  17. J- has the Brackets up-Nicholson a no show-DUDZIAK a no show -Strawn/Orozco first round -just a TOUGH ass tournament -Glasser drew Moricone from Edinboro-3 minny guys drew Edinboro-197 is the toughest, most balanced field I've seen in a while -#20 Powless and #6 and 1 seed Simaz first match ...I wonder if i buy the package I can watch it at the library ?? This sux-
  18. J-
    What is the NCAA test schol? i'm so bored I am reading the NCAA Scorebook and was just wondering what the hell it is -one kid is 34-12 already -are these REAL people or what ??
  19. Damit-somebody better wrestle somebody else soon !!!!
  20. I am correct in assuming this is the first tournament of the second semester ?? Why would Jake NOT be at the Scuffle ?? Just curious as I have nothing at stake -seems if he were eligible he would be at the Scuffle .
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