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  1. J,
    I was looking over Wyoming's schedule and as much as I like LeBlanc and Martinez there is just no way to justify picking them unless they are still around in the 11-15th round. Do you have any guesses as to the decrease in duals this year ?
  2. J
    Looked at some schedules and saw the ''Disney Duals'' are also the ''Florida Duals'' and have , so far , Columbia ,UTC,Gardner-Webb, IU, and the Citadel . My guess is Florida is trying to show at least some token interest in collegiate wrestling .
  3. J,
    I am jonesing !! Need to make a draft pick-!!!
  4. J,
    As per our last conversation I truly believe you should go ahead and count MOST of the tournaments from last year (IF NOT ALL) simply because the kids are wrestling Div 1 opponents .
    Count them but with NO bonus points .I can remember when the MSU had Clum,Escobedo,Hernandez,and Gomez-now it is pretty much a joke -but if your stud 141 breaks his leg the tournament will count rather you like it or not .
    How could you count Binghamton and NOT count NCState ?
    The big tourneys are the money ones anyway .
    Just my 2 cents .
  5. JensenS,
    High School: Four-time freestyle All-American...won the Freestyle Triple Crown in 2007...placed second at the national meet as a junior, third as a sophomore and fourth as a senior...was undefeated through his senior year, including winning the five counties tournament, and was ranked No.1 heading into the California State Tournament...lost two matches at the state tournament (by a combined total of three points) due to injury and placed fifth...won California State Freestyle Championship both his junior and senior seasons...was 2005 California Junior High Folkstyle State Champion ...
    Loder was 32-5 last year -lost to the usual studs but kicked ass everywhere else-his pedigree is outstanding .
  6. J,
    I was just curious if you've ever seen Ryan Loder from UNI in action ? His resume is great and he won nearly every tournament you could win in high school and finished 32-5 last year as a freshman. I am already looking for a few dark horses .
    Later , Russ
  7. JS,
    If you have some free time check out on Flo-Eric Roach/Hull-145-the match was boring as Hull stalled from the middle of the second on;but at about the 1/2 way mark Roach uses a front headlock to a side cradle and puts the kid right on his back-a TRUE thing of beauty but the kid screamed injury so they stopped the match-then Hull gave up-final was 6-3 but Roach owned the kid-I mention this as an effiecanianto you'd appreciate the move -he is also going to IU instead of Purdue -3 x State and 2x national Folkstyle champion .
  8. JensenS ,
    I posted Michigan's schedule under OSU's -I did not know how to move it and was wondering if you would help me out ?
    Michigan has a great Fantasy schedule if you look at it .
  9. Jensen,
    I want to start by saying I look forward to your predictions and am amazed at your wrestling knowledge ; that being said -IS THERE ANY WAY TO STOP ALL THESE PREDICTIONS FROM INDIVIDUALS WITH TINY GENITALIA AND HUMONGOUS EGOS ???
    Thanks ,
  10. Barlowe knocked off Trice
  11. J-
    Just made a trade with Mat Eater . Needs your approval .
  12. J-
    Great job -I was afraid Tim would back out -good luck -I wanted to pop his cherry but just couldn't do it -great trade all around .
  13. j-
    you forgot to move Pucillo onto my roster and Askren onto Mojo's -also next week(Friday) I will be sending Conroy back to MatEater as he wanted Triggas for a few weeks and I wanted Conroy for one -it will be 3 weeks tomorrow .No hurry save for Pucillo .
  14. J-
    Just watched the KSU/Purdue match on Flo-no throws -2 quick singles and 2 sloppy cradles -I mean freshman level -but they got Mallie 3 and 3 . Rode Salazar like a mule .
  15. JensenS-
    I traded Jones and Bailey to Goph for Biondo and Ciasulli. A 4 and 21 for a 10 and 18. Pending your approval when can we use them ??
  16. J-
    Hate to bother you but you did not put Cococococozozozo on my roster after my trade with MatEater .He now has Nemec.thanks .
  17. JensenS -MOJO asked me to trade him Orozco for Jones so I did -he knows Jones is 1-4 lifetime against Drury and is having a bad year -Orozco should win the Pac 10-
    Now I need to find a conference champ at 97 -Lapotsky places 3rd on a good day .
  18. 4. Craig Kelliher (Central Michigan) Dec Pat Bradshaw 7-6 2-2-I don't care about this trade because lost can't beat me -but this is ridiculous
  19. J-
    Congrats on Martinez-he has 2 matches this week -you may want to update your lineup.
  20. J-
    Made a trade with Mateater -Triggas for Conroy .
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