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  1. J-
    Did Wiltz inform you of my change -Schavrien instead of Pennessi? He said he would -I was up cramping all night and just woke up-TOM is still on pick 7-and Viratas came on and told us all to quit crying and coplagiaging-I do NOT need a drunk-no matter how rich -calling me a boy and telling me to shut up-especially when all I had done was sit there -I hear V is a good guy-ut now Lost is taking forever to pick and the guy who took 8 hours got on and said he was done -held up the entire supp for 8 hours to pick Cole Dallesera? I hope Belleville beats him out . If you have time check out TOM and what V said -I am not going to be spoken to like that.
  2. Thanks -that is what I needed to know.
  3. Trade is fine with me, you can't drop Keller for Pennessi now but when your last pick comes up you can absolutely do that.
  4. JensenS-
    Is this allowed -MOJO sent me Keller for Bekzod-I'd like to drop Keller and Add Pennessi 133 WVa-
    MOJO was so happy about being inducted (soon) into the Hall of Fame I did not feel like bartering . It is no big thing -a #25 for a #16-Just think Pennessi has a lot more upside than Keller.
  5. J-
    I know squat about computers but if you go to TECHFALL-they have updates through the first coupla rounds at Reno.
  6. There is no need to apologize...
  7. JensenS-
    Sorry to keep making these trades but Nelson is out until February and Gof had no 141 so I sent him mine .
  8. Yea-so I'd get pix 2 and 3 if I wanted them -I'd like to se what kind of flotsam is being cut loose as I see no immediate help in round one at #14-were we allowed to trade wrestlers for picks last year ?
    Wyoming is giving Oregon State all they can handle -onufer went up to 65 and won by 3-Elder beat Belleville 10-4-5-3 when LeBlanc got the fall-Hanke was losing and got a 5 pointer off at hwt now 16-12 OSU.
  9. Nope, you'd still be able to make other picks.

    You won't be able to make that pick up later though, its not something where you can pass in Round 1 but roll the pick back until later. If you pass then that pick is gone.

    Hope that makes sense.
  10. jensenS -
    If I pass on round one in the supp does that mean I pass on all 3 rounds ?
  11. JensenS,
    Go to TOM and look at Lindenwood open results
  12. J,
    Thanks -I was up all night doing line ups and that threw me for a curve .
  13. J.
    How does the week of 11/26-12/03 work ? Will the CK count that week or the next ? Since it begins on a Friday but is a 2 day event I am unsure which line up to use .
    Would you please clarify this for me ? Thanks .
  14. J, Check your e-mail at shanejensendomeyahoo ??
  15. J,

    It is on Pitt's roster page -I tried to copy and paste it but this thing would not let me -Zac and Matt are both listed at 197.
  16. J, According to Earl's line ups -Zac and Wilps are both wrestling 197 . I'm going to wait til the supp to make that call .
  17. J,
    In case I am not available tomorrow (Monday) would you be so kind as to pick Amustaqui from Stanford at 174 -if he is gone please take Glasser .
    Then at 197 choose Biondo or Byers .
    If through some hellish freak of nature and all these guys are gone please pick Ihnen-184 NE or Tomei.
    I am having serious second doubts over this surgery ( Or rather the Surgeon)-so I may be here .
  18. J,
    Got a friendship request on Facebook from Pat Degain and after I accepted he left me his phone #'s and I told him I could not make LD calls he called me for 40 minutes and talked about IU.
    He says the NCAA monitors his computer and phone and could only talk via cell and not about specifics . He asked me to hang in there with IU as the program is taking off and I told him what I thought about Goldman , that he may be a great guy he should be fired -he gave me the party line but WHY would he go out of his way to keep me interested in IU ? I am nothing special.
    It was nice of him to call but until Gman is gone I can't see sticking with them .
    I did NOT know Becker was back at IU this year -DeGain with HWTs,JoeD with lightweights and Becker with middle weights and Gman doing nothing they may get something done .
  19. J,
    Earl has dropped Kinser and Young down a weight class as has TOM-Kurt can't hold 49 and Paul can hold 57 fine -his true weight -but WHY ?
    This bothered me before but now it is messing up my draft picks !!
  20. J,
    Found Oregon State,Boise State ,Cal Poly and Purdue's schedules and THEY suck !!
    Or. State will wrestle about 24 matches ,Boise less than 20, Cal Poly 23 and Purdue around 22-the ONLY way to justify taking a guy from these schools would be if you had foreknowledge that the wrestler you chose was going to be national champion.
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