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  1. I saw the match but its been a while.

    Burroughs doesn't really spend much time on the mat and that could hurt him in terms of tank issues as it takes much less energy to ride a guy than it does to wrestle on the feet especially like how Burroughs does.

    I think if anyone beats him its going to be Gillespie
  2. A long time ago we posted the best matches of the year and I chose the Burroughs /Leen match-I said then that they tumbled over a bunch of TV and camera and scoring equipment giving Burroughs about a 5 minute breather -I think he will run out of gas against Poeta or Leen -did you happen to see the tape of that match ? Burroughs was sucking air hard and w/out that 'breather'' Leen had him . Wheyther it comes into play in the NCAA's is another thing but I can't see Burroughs wrestling 3 tough matches in a row .
  3. Don't know if you've been reading my posts but Hump is out and IU is up 13-9 with Jaggers ahead 4-3 but he gave up 2 stalls in 1st period .
  4. According to the VaTech site they wrestled and beat Binghampton -do you know where I could find the individual results ?
  5. This no points for a fft is really starting to piss me off -gotta be over 60-70 points .
  6. It appears that way.
  7. There is no opponent for Ness , yet , are they ffting to him ?
  8. Did you happen to see where Grey was majored by Clair ? from EMU ?I still worry about that cut -I am 51 and my thyroid no longer works from cutting so much -I hope Grey knows what he's doing .
  9. I mistakenly posted a trade under College Wrestling instead of Fantasy League Zapp-I posted it there as well but I do not know how to delete the one in College Wrestling .
    I apolgise for my computer ignorance . Would you be kind enough to delete it or whatever ?
  10. The IU site has the FITE scores -Escobedo-3,4,6, Hernandez-3,3,6. Coughlin 3-he -Goldman -keeps wrestling Coughlin n the duals just because Kinser won't kill himself to get to 49 -Kinser-0-I counted on 12-18 from Kinser against these schools .
  11. How may I find the FITE duals scores ? IU hasn't printed anything Wisconsin whitewater says the scores of their three matches and EMU says one score but nothing else anywhere -I was really surprised to see Escobedo won 9-1 against WW after the IU site posted he wasn't on the traveling team .
  12. Thanks -my 197 just got shelved -Orozco-by Halsey -never figured Halsey would come back after sitting out last year .
  13. Kind of a combination. Its not an open, but schools are allowed to bring and enter 15 guys instead of just 10
  14. A question , sir, -is the Southern Scuffle an open event or is it limited to the varsity wrestlers for each school ?
  15. I was worried about the seeding for Reno because Kubec drew Smith from Buffalo-15-2 his losses were to Humphries 9-5 and Hochstrasser 4-0 ; Kubec won 2-1 but ..
    I have been to seeding meetings where fights have broken out between coaches just for this reason -if you were the Buffalo coach and had a 15-2 kid you would be counting on some points -I think he'll have to wrestle Portigal in the next round so he may not score a point . Kubec now has to wrestle Kimbrall.
  16. Thanks for the info-
  17. No you aren't necessarily. This new system with its "at large" bids was formed to prevent that from happening.
  18. I know the NCAA changed the rules on the # of wrestlers a conference may send-but at 141 7 0f the top 10 141 lbers are from the big 10-so you have a 35 win season and place low on tourney day you're screwed ?
  19. well that sucks -none of these guys want to do shit . I want to play Steinbrenner or Al Davis back in the day -wheeling and dealing -what's the fun in picking a bunch of rated kids -I wanna trade and struggle and stuff -anyone can look at Div 1 and pick the favorites-that is why I chose Howe and Mangrum and Graff -and Mason and Kubec -if they pull that redshirt off Graff I think he could AA this year .
  20. We can't do between league trades buddy...sorry. I do appreciate the offer.
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