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  1. I've broken it down to where I'm going to be filling in my entire season schedule as a I draft guys. Should help me make better use of Rounds 11-15.
  2. JS,
    As for my strategy of comparing X amount ofguys -it takes about 20 minutes and As an example -I was thinking of picking up seth ciasuli -Sp-but if you look at his schedule he could easily have a losing record the first 2 months -especially the first 2 weeks .I am still learning this stuff but I think the weakness /Strength of schedule comes into play rd 12 on -I certainly am not counting on drafting a champion in the 12th round -maybe a conference champ-but little else .
  3. I kind of know LaValle (I mean I've heard of him)...he was from Apple Valley in MN, going to ODU this year (assuming he's redshirting)...very good in folk and free, but probably at his best in Greco.
  4. JensenS,
    Are you familiar with a kid named LaValle ? He was one of Cashe Quiroca's victims in his run to the Freestyle National title ..Purdue has 2 guys .Eppert and Cashe .. who might break the line up as freshman ..just another reason to be disappointed in IU .goldman has let humphries ,Howe and TShirt all leave the state .And now he is losing the recruiting war to hinkle . Evansville Mater Dei is a wrestling powerhouse in Indiana and the way Goldman has used Coughlin I fear that pipeline will dry up too, leaving him little room to recruit .
  5. I know, and he's the one guy that I'm nervous about dealing with.

    I asked Zapp about him and Zapp said he was good early on, so I'm hoping that if I get on his ass about being active he'll do so. Again I appreciate the heads up though.
  6. J,
    sorry to be a pest but LoSt sugested I tell you this -Last season Mateater did not turn in a line up from week 6 on he had 2 guys in the Reno finals /or Scuffle /and that gave him enough points not to have to worry about the top 6 --until he missed the top 6 on the last week .His team was impressive as he selected all PSU and OKIE ST and Oklahoma kids -LoSt said you look for active members and he surely does not qualify -finally all of us raised a stink over his non compliance with the rule of turning in new rosters so he turned in a conference roster .
    Whatever tournament had Mason/King final at 65 he had like six finalists in that tournament -I am not a snitch and am only telling you this on LoSt's recommendation .Russ
  7. No clue man. Unless Hofstra just didn't want him and said go ahead and go back and released him.
  8. JensenS ,How can Fagiano transfer from IU to Hofstra and back again w/out losing any eligibility ? Also, Nick Walpole has apparently gone missing again .
    I know Fag wrestled for hofstra last year and I think qualified for the nationals -so how can he just leave and return to the school which tossed him to begin with ?
  9. I would have loved to have taken Gold on, but he didn't throw his name in. We have three new people in my league this year...yourself, Zapp, and MatEater.
  10. JensenS,
    With such elite competitors as MOJO and LoSt asking you to hold a spot -I see no way to turn it down -I am honored to join your esteemed group of wrestling Gurus .
    Is Gold being invited ? He is an intelligent young man with with a ton of wrestling savvy .Also Tigerfan is quite good .i feel a bit torn about leaving ACCBOY and HERKEY1 to their own devices but this is too much an honor to turn down --so let me know when draft day begins .
    Thanks a lot JensenS , I know we have butted heads before but never over wrestling knowledge .
  11. Yo Russ...I don't know if you've seen but I'm very close to filling my fantasy league for this season. I've got one spot still open, and both Lost and Mojo have gone on record as wondering if you'd like to take it.

    The spot is yours if you want it as I know I won't have to worry about you being an active owner, but I've also heard that you and Gold may run the second league this year.

    Let me know.
  12. JS ,
    I was looking through some records today and stumbled upon a wrestler whose season was puzzling -Frank Celorrio of App.State -21-20 but that includes 9 losses by fft. At Reno he beat a MMankato kis then lost 6-3 to Deubel then 4-2 to smith -he had some strange losses but also beat Armstrong 12-6 .As the resident expert what do you know about this kid -all I know is he won the So. Con. and is listed as a 125 lber . Please let me know anything you know about this guy .THANKS
  13. JensenS,
    Dart shark just informed me that Utah Valley -under the name Utah state -is eligible for Div .1 Nationals .They have 3 kids I am looking hard at .
  14. No rumors...Franklin was a 19 in high school, and a 25 as a rs frosh. I can't really see him going up another weight, especially given that he's about it at MSU right now.
  15. JensenS-have you heard any rumors of Gomez going up to 41 ? MSU gave a full ride to Josh Harper a 3 x Indiana state champion who placed 4th this year-A local paper says Josh wanted to go to a big 10 school where he could participate immediately .Josh's career record was 175 -2 with an injury default .1,1,1,4, were his placings at 119 and 25 and 35 . I personally don't think he is tough enough for the big 10 and he has a very passive style .
  16. Since the program is still so new they didn't get to go to NCAA's the last couple years. I don't know when the restriction will drop and they'll finally be allowed to go.

  17. JensenS,
    What is the story with Utah Valley State ? Do they not attend the NCAA's ? I was considering picking Ben Kjar next year as a back up 125 lber .
  18. To be completely honest with you I've never seen the guy wrestle so I really couldn't tell you.
  19. I recently was offered a trade I could not turn down and one of them is an east coast kid -Caputo-I know what the records are like but what is the wrestler like -aggressive , stall/block ? i know he must be smart . Ant info would be appreciated .
  20. G reminds me of the Russians coach Blubaugh used to talk about- -the ones who would leave the mat barely sweating yet beat you 12-1-that is why Blubugh taught the Russian two on one series and under hook series -make the other guy do all the work-that is where PTax gets it -his dad used to come to Blubaughs camp every summer and then when he graduated from Logansporte he went to Purdue . And that little wrist control to a tilt -straight from coach B.
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