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  1. JensenS -
    On the back up rule -Since Esco skipped MSU do I get his back up's points ? Justin Brooks scored 22 .
  2. Don't know if you would want to do this or not, but my only thought is to pm Trusty about it and have him hash out the fact with young Gage that you aren't interested in parting with Mr. Metcalf.
  3. J-
    THAT is why I wanted Kilgore instead of LeBlanc -never saw Bradshaw treated like a boy before .
    Also-I have repeatedly told GAGE no on trading Metcalf but he keeps PMing me -I don't want to hurt the kids feelings but Moley and Terry for Metcalf and O'conner isn't going to fly -so I told him some crazy deal and he KEEPS PMing me counter offers .
    I really don't wan to hurt his feelings but this is getting ridiculous .
  4. Thanks-I was just wondering if the ALL-STAR was a special event .
  5. If you want Askren's points you've got to put him in your line up.
  6. JensenS,
    I have a question about all-star week. Since Askren will be at the all-star can I put Thomeseitt in his place and still have a flex or just use Askren -Zac has 3 matches that week as do my 141 lbers . If I use Zac will I get the points if Askren wins ?
    The ideal situation would use a 41 as a flex and have Zac in the line up as well-but then do I lose askren's all-star points ? thanks, Russ
  7. Please keep listing the guys with events. Early in the season it will be a little screwy with the "Points for Top 25 wins at unscored tournaments" rule.

    But even if your guy isn't wrestling an officially scored tournament, please let me know which tournament he's actually wrestling in.
  8. J,
    I am a little confused as to why seemingly everyone lests their entire line up whether they have matches or not , or tournaments which don't count . Is this the staus quo-I only list the guys I know are wrestling because I've tabulated scores before and it is NOT a lot of fun .Especially when you are hunting for something that does not exist .I mentioned this on Gold's site and they jumped all over me which was fine because now I am not tabulating shit . I explained how hard it was -and Gold doesn't even know where the scorebook is located -and if they did NOT list a guy but could prove he wrestled then I would count the matches . LoSt came on and said list your entie line up and Gold agreed so I unvolunteered quickly-so do you want me to list an entire line up or keep taking an extra five minutes a week to check schedules ?
    Let me know .
  9. Not exactly earth shattering , is it ?
  10. Fine by me...
  11. I traded Trotman to Wiltz for Thomuset .
  12. J ,
    I have talked John into expanding his horizons a bit -like he picked Sanders as his 125 and took Reader over M*-but he has 4 141's -3 of them Hawkeyes and swears Marion will be the man ...
  13. I've read on the HawkeyeReport message boards that people who have been in the room say that Marion looks very improved, and that he and LeClere are about dead even right now.

    Haven't heard anything more.
  14. J,
    Herky#1 swears Marion beats up on Leclere daily -he has gone so far as having 4 141 lber's-3 from Iowa and a back up-you can do that when you have those waivers . LoSt says he hears pretty much the same thing - you know/heard anything ??
  15. Yeah, he beat Max Ortega from NM 5-2
  16. J,
    Didn't Dake beat Ortega for the high school nationals ? Since Walpole quit and enrolled at U of Indy -Either Ortega or some loser named Warren will be at 49 for IU -Ortega beat Lang his Jr. year and was the largest 140 lber ever .Surely Goldman will RS Ortega .
  17. yes...I hadn't seen anything on any schedule before 11/6, so thats why I picked the date that I did.
  18. JensenS,
    Does the match on October 31 ,2009 -Boise State vs. North Idaho count on the fantasy score ?
  19. JensenS,
    This moderator shit sucks -sitting here all day in front of a computer -and I'm not even in the league !! You should pop over to Gold's draft -I do NOT know several of these people but they are quite versed in wrestling -amazingly so . Russ
  20. 28-11 freshman
    12-12 ?????
    I know the kid will never take the podium but as a former coach this shit drives me nuts -did he quit on himself ? Did the coach quit on him ? Ungodly high school career -no serious injuries ?? I hate to see a kid go this way .Even if I don't know him .
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