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  1. J
    If I were looking for a 141 sleeper , it would be ,and don't pick him ,archuleta from Purdue . Wrestles 700 matches and was 2 time juco champ out of Cali.
  2. poop
  3. He isn't available. TLV has him.
  4. Yea putting up 14 you expect a big move .Might take a look come supplemental but Melde is doing pretty well.
  5. Like I said in the thread, Hashimoto was everyone's major league sleeper at 141 three years ago until he ran into an unknown (at the time) DC who beat him like he stole something.

    He's tough and has a judo background so maybe he threw him.
  6. J
    Is Krom sick ? 14/7 loss to Hashimoto ?
  7. J
    thanks man -I've written Trusty twice about it and told GAGE to leave me alone -I am glad i opened the last one because I would have went Ballistic with Cameron on my team .TraDeus Mtcaf for Moly asit wod jhulp us k? 30 times a day gets old .
  8. If it continues I'm just going to remove his ability to pm and post visitor messages. Nice and simple solution.

    Just please if it does happen again, don't lose your temper. You've been more than patient already, but just let me know and I will deal with it.
  9. Thanks man .This kid is on my last nerve . I don't want to be mean about it but is his dad won't stop him and you can't . I will.
    And as you've seen -that ain't nothing pretty -the lil dude has got me talking like I was back in prison -I don't want to go off on him .Please help-i don't want to get kicked off the board either but I am about ready to snap.thanks for your help.
  10. I've sent messages to both dad and son. If they continue let me know and it will be dealt with.
  11. I'll see what I can do about blocking him from sending pm's.
  12. J-
    GAGE keeps PMing me after I asked him to stop and then I finally opened one of the numerous messages and he says he is going to announce the Cameron for Craig trade ?? He begged me for Craig so as I said ask your dad and I'll trade you Craig for Foster -then he pulls this out of the air .
    I have been patient and calm , I have asked his dad to have him stop messaging me .I have placed him on my ignore list but he sends unread message that blip on my screen -I would not have Eric Cameron for free -he DOES this to EVERYONE -if ever he says I made a trade with him just ignore it , PLEASE .
    I just got home for going for a walk to cool down -I do not want to hurt this kid's feelings but someone needs to put him in check .
    I do not want to get kicked off the board and scar his psyche for life but he has lied to me , made trades with me and insulted me . I do not let grown men do that .
    Do you think I am stupid enough to trade for Eric Cameron ?? I'm trying to unload the IU guys I have .
  13. JensenS-
    I just traded Starks and Bonano for Lapotsky and Decker to ISU.
  14. The thing Mojo would probably want to do then would be just flex Barone so he can get points wherever Barone wrestles.
  15. Thaks for the info-
    Just Barone has wrestled only 97 this year and I was trying to see if MOJO needed one of my guys to see him through / Barone is even ranked at 197 -I offered to help him out but he says /thinks Barone will be at 184 -so you are sayng that if Barone wrestles in an 84 slot he won't get those points as he has only wrestled 97 ? That would make sense or Mytych would be getting points at 125 -I'd better inform MOJO . Duke's schedule is horrible but a friend in need and all that ..
  16. If he's ONLY wrestled at 197 so far this year, he's considered a 197 no matter where you drafted him at.

    If he's split some time between 84 and 97 I'd probably cough up points for duals.

    I don't know why you're asking this but if you're looking to trade for a guy like that my best advice to you if you get him would be to flex him since you'll get points at the flex spot regardless of what weight your guy goes.
  17. JensenS-
    If you draft a guy at say 184 and he never certifies at 184 -but wrestles 197-can he be used as an 84 pounder all year ?
  18. JensenS-
    I just made a trade to MOJO/ Ortega for Orozco/ Ortega has about 8 pud duals coming up and the CK-this way I don't have to trade an unknown quantity (Starks) to Goph-the good people at ARMY replied to my e-mails by saying their policy is not to pass out info on injuries -so I would be trading someone who may not wrestle again or might be back next week -I have never done that and would not feel right doing so now . russ
  19. j-
    you know anything about this Lara kid from Oregon state ? He just majored Bartelli and it could have been worse .Russ.
  20. Yeah ,I know -just last year it got to the point where Zapp was texting guys to see if I were cheating -ask RD 149.I don't cheat i threw this trade out as a lark and he took it . I was kinda shocked .
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