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  1. Okay, I just thought I was reading between the lines when you were saying "he's on the roster" so I thought you were inferring he was redshirting...thanks for picking him up...i need a back up 149/141 or a back up 165 and then I am done. I need to trade a heavy for a good 165...then I feel solid about my line-up...I like Triggas, Ness, Rader, Grajales, Sanderson, 165, Miller, Craig, Beatty, Ellis/ 165 is glaringly weak. Tried to pry Howe away from Mateater with Zabriskie but he didn't bite.
  2. He's on Virginia's roster on their site and is in their line up on D1CW. Something else could always be going on I mean I'm no UVA insider, but as far as I know he's wrestling.
  3. as far as you know, Ross Gitomer is going this year right? it sounded like you were trying to throw me a warning when you drafted him for me...
  4. Give me Grajales at 149, if he isn't there, give me Mueller at 149 then Triggas in that order. I am stepping out for a bit. Only for this round, I will be back eventually. Thanks.
  5. Dude that seals up your heavyweight situation...if someone else takes Bradley and he beats out Ellis you're SOL
  6. Really? We'll see.
  7. I would HEAVILY consider Dom Bradley for your next one.
  8. I think I am going to do it, I am taking
  9. I really like your Kilgore pick...I wouldn't have taken him in the 2nd round but he wouldn't be there in the 3rd round and who knows what his improvement looks like this year. I agree, get to the show, that worked for me for two years.
  10. Yeah, I told him...I'm trying to make the shift over to targeting guys to get me to the show. I think Kilgore does that.

    I'll worry about the show when I get there.
  11. Did you set him straight on Ruggs? If so, that was nice of you. I couldn't believe no one had picked Mike Miller when it came around again so I had to ask Wiltz if he was hurt. Turns out I guess I do actually like Lewnes better at that weight but by in large, Miller will walk through his conference and be on the podium again.
  12. You guessed correctly. The "house down" pick was an attempt at Ruggirello.
  13. I am guessing Patterson...
  14. Payton is a touchy little thing isn't he? LOL. I told him about the joke on LoSt and just told him to play along. We aren't going to do any of those trades, just baiting LoSt in to a tirade. So far he has not bitten too hard on it.
  15. So you think I am going to make Top 4 again? I did some projecting and this week I will be no better than middle of the pack but the following week I have 25 matches. God I need a good 141 lb'er. Wondering if LeBlanc or Craig can get me somebody.
  16. Really great job at the National Duals. You will have to write up a recap of the experience. Lots of really good compliments from alot of people on your calling of the Penn State and Boise State match. I didn't catch any of the other ones but you seemed like you had been behind the mike for years. Safe travels.
  17. It wasn't Chris Breezy, it was Chris Browne and you are right, there was no 6 points that I am aware of. Last week then was 83 for me instead of 89...not sure what I did there.
  18. Just yanking Grips chain about those points. I was already giving him crap about points he picked up in week one with some weak a$$ competition.
  19. I don't like Litton's schedule, and Erwin was on my team last year and I don't want to go through that one again.
  20. You sure you don't want to look at 1 of my 174'lbers now if Benefiel isn't a go? I have Chance Litton at WVU and Erwin at Penn State.
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