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  1. I wouldn't call myself "bummed."

    It would have been cool to have Ness, but the fact of the matter is I was agreeing to the trade that he had discussed primarily because it was Ness not necessarily because I thought it would be "great" for my team.

    With the way that LeBlanc has performed so far this year and the schedule that he wrestles I will be just fine with keeping him on my team.
  2. Your probably a bit bummed as that was a pretty similar trade but I was pretty confident that Askren and Frey were conference champs. Although LeBlanc and Fanthorpe probably were too. I like Askren just a little bit more at 184 then LeBlanc, but not by much. There's always my issues at 165 and 125 to patch?
  3. Nice...He was doing the same stuff with me a week and a half or so ago. Countless pm's saying "make us an offer for LeBlanc".

    I had to try and explain that I didn't want to trade LeBlanc, and even if I did that it would be up to him to make an offer.
  4. I just edit'ed him so he can't pm me anymore then he started dinging me on FB so I shut him down there. LOL. He's like a mini-LoST. I think I need to warn his dad. R.Payton is going to trade me Esco I think in two weeks for Ellis. Then again, he's a little "off" too.
  5. Start ignoring him.
  6. Gage is killing me. He has offered me 23 trade offers and then if I say okay, he says, "NO". LOL.
  7. Any results for EMU anywhere?
  8. Dude, I know I said I'd get back to you and I still plan on doing so. I've been busy as all get out with school over the end of last week.

    I'll run the schedules to see how Ellis matches with Rosholt, and Craig matches with Kilgore tomorrow and let you know how I feel for sure.
  9. So at this point, I really like LeBlanc but not so much that I am willing to do something foolhearty. I will offer you Ellis and Craig for Nye and LeBlanc. That keeps you at 2 heavies right? It also keeps me from keeping 3 184 lb'ers. Let me know. It was Wednesday when we discussed this last and you said not to push so I laid back but 4 days is seemingly enough time to double back right?
  10. Hahaha...yeah, Gage offered me Foster and Simaz for LeBlanc and Strawn. I was we'll say "non-committal"
  11. This sounds more like a marriage proposal than a trade...I will keep my distance...poor Gage thinks he's getting LeBlanc too. Ha ha.
  12. I do, but I've also made an offer to try and get another 125 so I can use LeBlanc or Kilgore (along with said 125) to attempt to buy low on Robles.

    I've made an offer to Zapp, but if he turns it down and you for whatever reason are still interested in PJ Gillespie we could do something.

    If Mojo turns me down, which I think he will maybe I'll come back to you but I've got to at least try to play this out so I'm not askng myself what if.
  13. I think you like the looks of your roster with LeBlanc on it.
  14. STop clowning, lets work this trade out.
  15. Yeah, I mean I know you weren't trying to get over on me. American had a terrible schedule and I wanted a 97 for Midlands/Scuffle week.

    Regardless, that was still thinking short instead of long and its a trade you definitely came out on top of.
  16. Well you know me well enough to know that I wasn't trying to pull a fast one on you. It made sense for both of us at the time. Cannon was a solid record and you knew an AA guy but I think he got overated once he hit Top #5 and he didn't wrestle many matches. I don't WANT to trade Ellis but I am fairly weak at 149, 165 and potentially 184 so I would try to do something at those weights with Ellis if the right guy came along. I think Rader comes back maybe a bit out of shape but I think he works himself back in to shape and makes a nice run at 141 this year.
  17. Unless somebody blows me away with a trade offer, I'm going to just chill for a while.

    The Cannon for Arnone trade that I made with you last year was me thinking short instead of long, especially after I absolutely stole Cannon in the 10th round.
  18. Yeah, you guys on here kind of got me thinking about that when I picked Ellis. Zabriskie fell in my lap so I liked him better than picking both Mizzou's heavy's. If I can pick up Jarrod King, I really think I have rounded out my schedule pretty well for now.
  19. Pretty shrewd move though to offer up Ellis instead of Z because of Bradley being there.
  20. Man, I thought that was a REALLY fair trade. I don't think either of them repeats so its truly a wash. My gut feeling is that Ellis still has Bradley's number and that his coaches are going to give him the spot as a senior unless Bradely dominates him.
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