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  1. I will give you #1 Ellis and #14 Ward 184 for LeBlanc and a player to be named later?
  2. You are going to absolutely LOVE LeBlanc, I knew I couldn't get him if I didn't pick him up by the 4th round. He's a stud. Lots of early bonus for you in his cupcake matches and now he has taken it to another level and can hang with anyone in my opinion. Take good care of him.
  3. Never hurts to ask. I know that last year I did a couple of trades where who I was trading was not worth in value who I was getting but it solidified my team in a weak weight. It only works if you have a great back-up but can't get him in your line-up, then its worth it.
  4. Sorry, can't justify either of those trades. I do have Chinn at 149, and though he might not be quite at the level of Roberts or Grajales, the difference isn't enough for Vallimont. Plus the schedules are pretty even between those guys. Sorry to keep leading you on, it seems like you are always the guy whose thread I post in.
  5. I have Cesar Grajales (#9-#12 depending on the publication) out of Penn and I have Mike Roberts out of Boston U. They will both be conference champs without a doubt in my mind which brings bonus and should have soft schedules.

    My preference was to move Roberts. He beat Dustin Schlatter last year. I am okay at 157 with Moley #9 but Vallimont obviously would be nice as well.
  6. Probably not going to work, I just need a backup for when Anceravage doesn't have matches, and those guys have the same holes as him. Anyways, I have Herbert at 84 and at 149 - can't trade my first 2 picks for a backup....also have Jerome Ward at 184 and Trevor Chinn at 149 - guessing that wouldn't cut a deal anyway.
  7. who do you have at 184...i would be interested in trading either Erwin or Litton for a possible 184 or a decent 149 i have Grajales and Roberts but would package them both up for a good 149 possibly or package a 149 and a 174 for a good 184 and a 149 in return.
  8. well he was available, but when you said that I snagged him....yeah he should be available
  9. is pat mclemore still available that you are aware of or did someone pick him up?
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