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  1. Hello wilson !!
    I am the trainer of a Hungarian rural free style wrestling team. Hungary is his 12. team. Our competitor the Greco-Roman 55 kg Modos Peter twofold junior european champion and with an adult Greco-Roman wrestling eur?pa championship in 3. placed Tampere. And Modos Csaba Jr. who china figured in 74 kgs on a junior world championship in 2007.
    The we team the szigetv?ri wrestling sport association, budapest 250 km to the south is.
    There is an opportunity on Budapest Mr. TUS ink in a wrestling school onto training. From our team 8 competitors are training there, every day.
    Because of a September every day , there is training every day with the exception of a Friday in a youth, junior age group.
    If he interests additional information send.
    Modos Csaba
    szigetv?r freestyle
    wrestling trener
  2. Hi there
    I live in london teaching brazilian gracie jiu jitsu and MMA. I would like to spend one week every month in hungary(budapest) training wrestling bcoz in london there is no-wrestling whatsoever, just one iranian club running classes 2 days a week..thats it.
    I done 2 years of freestyle wrestling in Brazil but i never been that good bcoz my main sport was jiu jitsu(i was brazilian,state and european champion)
    I wanted to improve my wrestling bcoz i belive is the best sport to mix with some jiujitsu.Always even i fight a wrestler even they without no what am doing the have a natural very strong balance( duo wrestling background).
    Could you recomend for me a wrestling club in budapest?( I would like one place where they show positions/drills/techiniches.The wrestling club here in london they just do sparring..without show even one move.)
    Thnaks a lot mate
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