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  1. Your logic make perfect sense. I can just imagine it being a tough choice from a fan perspective.
  2. It was really, really hard to do since Morningstar beat Reader three times last year. 165 in the Big10 is brutal. Its a little easier in the B12 and I think Reader will win his conference where M* could get as low as third. Reader has been doing alot of wrestling overseas and training with alot of different people this offseason. I'm not sure that M* has. I know he's been wrestling but not as much live action as Reader. I also think that Reader is one of the guys on the Cyclones team that will really benefit from Bono and Jacksons intensity. In short. I think Reader may have improved enough to take M* when it counts this year. And he scored more bonus points than M* does. I hope I am wrong and I would gladly lose this fantasy league if it means that M* wins a title.
  3. Wow! I never thought you'd take a cyclone over a hawk.
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