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  1. By my count -Luke wins -YOU win.
  2. Washington was a great pick up. I love you.

    Once again Varner fails to come through in a clutch situation for the team. On the other hand, the Hawks really went flat in the semi's today. Reminded me of last years semi's.
  3. Yea -Leen is kicking ass and I didn't score his 2 falls -your leading point getter was anderson -second -so far -Washington -
    No thanks needed . Russ
  4. Russ, that last message you gave me made me pretty happy. Holy shit Brester just took down Varner!
  5. If you are correct it's looking pretty good for me. Keddy beat Pucillo tonight. He may take Herbert tomorrow. God I hope so.

    It would be pretty nice to win this conference week. Hopefully my team can pull it off.
  6. John ,I have you with 192 with 3 guys left wrestling -Luke,Falck and Leen-I have SG wth 196 1 guy wrestling .
  7. John,
    Opplinger got through to the finals with a 6-4 SV over Hall from Boston U.-197 in the CAA is a bitch !-Hopefully Op can take it to byers tomorrow -my 165 -Brown -from ODU -wins all his matches 4-3 ,3-1 sv -he gets me 2 techs in a row . 3 guys I have sent out and have had 3 finalists -I came close to wrestling Accordino -he has a fall and a major and is in the finals but has already lost to Williams 3 x's.-Your guys out WEST have to get some bonus points for you .
  8. John,
    For some reason ODU seems to get very little respect and they are a fine program -Nick,Wiliams and Brown are all legit AA threats and had Baxter not had weight issues , he won 38 matches last year -he would be right there .
    i'm just saying if you need some obscure late round advice for point getters -just ask .Going to play with my computer as the EIWA tournament starts today and see if I can ffind a stream -it would suck if Jantzen got 4 matches and won them all by fall.
  9. No disrespect taken Russ. I do know wrestling, but it is limited to mostly the Big 10 and 12 with a few other teams sprinkled in here and there. I am not familiar with freshman from the MAC. I obviously didnt pay enough attention to pick up others when my guys were down. I just thought that I had enough firepower to make it to nationals and then I would do well there with the team I have. My strategy sucked.
    Look out for Nicholsons (ODU) little big brother next year. He is very good. He beat Derek St. John in the semi's of this years Iowa state tournament. He really took it to him. St. John would probably win nine of ten. A friend of mine coaches for a team in their conference and knows one of Nicholsons coaches. He said that Nicholson was pissed because Brands didnt offer him any kind of schollarship and he really wanted to be a Hawkeye. So he was really motivated to beat the #1 recruit in the nation and future Hawk.
  10. John,
    Regardless to this years outcome -and I mean no disrespect when I offer this -but if you need some advice on point getters -I am your man -you know wrestling -I know wrestling -this fantasy stuff ?? But I have researched every conference and wrestler at every weight -how else could I come from 10th to 4th ?
    Point getting back ups are as important as starters -off the top of my head here are some examples -125 -Garnett VaTech -38-6 true freshman -Desi Green RS freshman out of the MAC 35 wins -nicholson ODU sophomore 36-2 25 lber -Jesse dong VaTech freshman 157 -29 wins -Onufer WWC-wyoming 39 wins at 174 freshman-these guys will be around in the 8th -15th round -what could you lose by drafting a couple and flexing them ? Are they going to win the NCAA -probably not -will they score you a boatload of points ? yes .
  11. No prob, its good to have a watch dog.
  12. John , -They just released the pig tail scores and Smith had the 6 extra points -sorry -but they just released it like 10 minutes ago-
  13. I triple checked the scores I sent you -I am right -i got my points -had me down for 32 when I scored 46 -only 2 wrestlers .Makes you wonder .
  14. I thought if Barnes was pushed he might gas. Z's guys werent always the best conditioned. I agree with you. It was stupid of me not to make that trade with you. My stubborness isnt always my best quality. This time it may have cost me. Having said that I would still take my team of toughguys over most of the teams that will make the tournament. When I drafted, I drafted with nationals in mind, never thinking that I wouldnt even make it there. I should have played the game a little better and drafted some pussies from bad conferences with alot of teams such as the PAC 10. My UNI guys will most likely do well at their tournament but will only wrestle a couple of matches.
  15. Chamberlain won then they made Barnes wrestle for ''TRUE' second -36-5-Hall at 34-4 had too also and they both went OT in their finals -SG-scored a trillion points -148-9 i'll check the wrestle backs for the exact count -Barnes got 2nd but outscored Chamberlain as he had that true second crap-he pinned the guy in the first . You scored 25 with Chamberlain and Barnes scored 27 -wish we could have made that trade , you would have 52 points from your weak weight class .
  16. This is the Dolly Llama's last shot. He's not letting Leblanc beat him.
  17. Well-shit. I WANT my best wrestlers out there if my ass is hanging out -leBlanc might take dolly -you give me a RUDY speech then tell me you wrestled your back up.That is a hell of a thing . Let's hope the bad ass Doly shows up. Later Russ
  18. Yea -Robles has a tech and a fall going into the finals and he has teched that kid twice -why these guys keep locking up with Robles is ridiculous -he is basically a 165 lber upper body wise -i'd hit and run -I hope chamberlain takes it to Barnes -guys out west are afraid to wrestle Barnes -I've watched a dozen of his matches on my computer and at the start of the year they would wrestle him and get teched in the 2nd period -he is amazing off his feet -now they block and stall and belly out -yesterday he beat a guy 7-2 and took him down let him up tok him down then the kid bellied out and grabbed Barnes leg so they would stay on the mat-another year of Folkstyle and he would be a force .
  19. Thanks. Will be tough to beat him.
  20. Sgallan's team is Robles ,Hochstrasser,Gallick.Caldwell,Pami,Howe,Lee,Smith ,Askren,Fendone -his flex has been DeBerry who got put out yesterday .Bose State and Pac 10 guys -5 of his guys are in the finals of the pac 10.
    Watching the Pac 10 yesterday was like watching a decent high school tournament .
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