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  1. Herk-
    Do NOT be surprised if Boise does not send their best guys to Reno-if any -they haven't in 4 years . Look at Clymer from Hofstra for that time frame .
  2. That's a good lineup. Here's mine that week

    125 Sanders -Scuffle & ISU
    133 Kubec-Midlands
    133 Novochkov-OSU & OU
    141 Slaton-Midlands
    141 LeClere-Midlands
    141 Mangrum-Midlands
    149 Metcalf-Midlands
    157 Pami-OSU & OU
    165 Reader-Midlands &Minnesota
    174 Borshel-Midlands
    197 Jones-Scuffle
    HWT Jack-Midlands

    Havnt figured out the flex situation yet and am halfway thinking about trying to pick up a 184lber that wrestles that week.
  3. That is a good problem to have tho-
    that week here is my line up-
    133-Ness Scuffle
    141 Melde -Midlands
    149 Metcalf -Midlands
    157 O'Conner Midlands
    165 Young/Kerber Scuffle
    174 Manuel-Midlands
    184 Craig/Askren Midlands
    hwt Birchler scuffle
    flex either 165 or 184
  4. I do have Jack and he is beating the guys he is seeing right now. I doubt he can contend with top heavies though. When I started drafting I thought Boise was the way to go but I've found out that I like Oregon St and Cal Poly as well. The week of Midlands is going to be a big point week. Gonna have troubles figuring out a lineup.
  5. john ,
    I l;ove the enthusiasm with which you are ATTACKING the league this year -your OR.State guys are kicking ass too-Adams was like a 4x state champion from Minny and Mclemore was MAC champion 2 years ago. Kubec majored DeShazer and he is THE biggest 133 I've ever seen . If you kept Jack he is getting it done too.
  6. I put a package together to better my self at 84 and sent Ciasulli and a draft pick for Askren-thinking no one had ever treated Washington like a little boy before I wanted Marion , Jensens is going after him first .poop
  7. Marion wrestled on Thursday night against UNI and pinned Washington. I watched it on B10network and he looked awesome. The Montell that I saw against UNI would have beat Gallick. I see Montell being the Iowa 141 lber for the rest of the year if Slaton is unable to take the spot from him. He doesnt have any legal troubles. He was serving a suspension by Brands and is now apparently done with it. He can win this weight class. We just have to wait now to see what Slaton has to say about it. I don't think LeClere will be out there anymore for Iowa.
  8. John
    I hate to bother you but was wondering if you could tell me the staus of Marion at 141 ?? Itraded Ciasulli-my starting 141 for Askren -I still have my first round and 3rd round draft picks -would I be stupid to draft Marion with his legal battles ?? If he is the wrestler I think he is I'm looking at a high AA.
  9. Big money week for you -3 probable Reno Champs and some cheap points from Jones and your Oregon State guys !!! Zalesky has done an outstanding job up there .
  10. this site is falling apart -I THINK I have it changed -check and see if you would , but I have your message so he is yours !! Russ
  11. I dam near cried last year when they red shirted him -him,Graf , cocozo quit ,Litton redshirted -Coughlin got beat out -1/2 my starting 10-did you read his pedigree ? I'll go change the board now. russ
  12. Thanks for the heads up and the tip. Just in case it didnt go through. I added Mangrum and dropped Casperson. I also inserted Mangrum into my week 8 lineup. I was going to add Fittery yesterday but I couldnt get the page to open. Now I see Accboy took him.
  13. herk-
    Mangrum is nearly as good 4x national high school champion and has a great schedule ahead of him and he is in the waiver bin .
  14. John ,
    I don't know if you have worked this out yet as I just came over to clean up the waivers and roster -but TheRick has owned Filip since the draft -Tell me or Gold who else you want , if anyone , and I'll change it . Or you can keep whomever you dropped .Russ
  15. Herk-
    That was not that promising -unsure of the date but he only has 85% Range of Motion back and the DR.s won't OK you to lift or do anything until you have full ROM.He was in the room but just going through drills -nothing live -I looked up the exact diagnosis and the post op rehab is 6-12 months -for a wrestler that is 3 months before one live drill .Web MD has a lot of stuff and just google PECTORALIS Tears and Surgery and you'll find out a bunch of stuff . I wish him all the best as he is one of my favorite hwts.. That Russo kid I told you about and drafted for ACCBOY has pinned everyone he has wrestled -well,as of last week-top guys too-like 12-0 with 12 falls-only weighs 220 tops .
  16. Russ, you can go to the cedar rapids gazette site and look for the Dan Erekson peice if you don't want to click on my link.
  17. I was afraid to click on that site you posted as TWT is eating computers -or something -I have a 'loaner'' comp until mine is repaired and have NO problems anywhere but this site -when I get the nerve up I'll open that up-until then if you go to youtube and type in Chest surgeries you'll find one where they are reconnecting the Pec -R rated for grossness -while you are on youtube look up shoulder replacements -SCAREY-I had a nerve block and anestetia -sp- and still cried when I woke up.russ
  18. Russ, I havnt seen this yet because my work computer won't let me look at it but it is supposed to be Erekson talking about his rehab.

    BTW are you having troubles navigating through TWT today? I cant open some threads at all and others are freezing on me. I don't have any problems with any other sites.
  19. Jerome ????
  20. I don't know which one it was but I hope he comes back able to wrestle well enough to aa.
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