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  1. I was just being polite -thanks John ,I'm Russ .I am older than dirt myself and spend far too much time doing nothing -just had my shoulder replaced and the right knee is next -I really was a hardcore athlete back in the day and have the torn up ,scarred up body to prove it .
    I remember Dolly when he was going to freestyle summer tournaments -cadet .
  2. I agree with you that Chris Brown is tough for the colonial athletic conference. I just don't think he gets the job done at nationals this year and Fay will. I don't think that Chamberlain finishes lower than second in the PAC10 and may beat Heinrich for the title. Thanks for the offer though.

    BTW when you call me sir you make me feel like I'm some sort of older fella that has to take naps in the middle of the afternoon just so I can stay awake until nine to see the early news. You can call me John if you would like.
  3. I really didn't think you'd go for it -as I said -not a big trader -just trying to help both of us -when Chris Brown is ''on''-he is a tough SOB-he has won the CAA wrestler of the week for the last 3 weeks -the last time he lost was to my guy ,Stewart, in the Va.Duals . I am just trying to find that missing piece .
    Good luck to you , sir .
  4. Although I like Barnes and think both he and Brown will win their confrence tournaments I will have to pass. Chamberlain is right there with Barnes and has improved since their first meeting. He will give him a run for his money and could possibly win. Fay will win his conference tourney easy. I may be sacrificing a couple of points that may end up biting me in the ass if I don't have a good showing during conference but if I do happen to make it in I will need the points Moza will get me in the big show. Borwn just isnt in the same league. Sorry I cant help you.
  5. Sir -
    I know you are NOT a fan of trades but to get into the playoffs you'll need every point you can muster -I offer you Barnes 149 -30-4 who has already majored Chamberlain ;and Chris Brown 165 21-6 for Moza Fay -Brown and Barnes are locks to win their conferences and Brown has beaten Marable and is a lock to win the CAA .
    You know as well as I do that Barnes ' Ranking is political as he is the South African olympic wrestler -even though we did the same thing a little over a century ago- I really want to upgrade at 65 -no sense lying -Brown is spectacular at times and above average at others -he has beaten my 65 so many times I finally traded for him .
    Metcalf will win 149 -lewnes ,Marable .Sponsellor Dwyer are the four favorites at 65 -Barnes will get you 16 bonus points for winning the Pac 10 as will Brown for the CAA.
  6. LOL-That trade you made with Zapp? I ended up with Cleveland and he scored me 15 points over the weekend , tech, pin ,major . he's now 19-4 .
  7. I don't know about Caputo but Jantzen never wrestles because I have him starting on my fantasy team.
  8. Why is it Harvard has matches and only O'Conner shows up ? Janzen and Caputo missed the last 2 I believe .
  9. I've had to trade and drag myself from 9th place to get within striking distance -the first 3 matches today are over and the guys scored me 14 points so far -20 more matches this week -Cleveland teched a kid in the second period today . He's won 6 in a row now . I'm hoping .
  10. Fanthrpe is supposed to be doing well but they may hold him out a little while longer just to be sure. I probably won't get any points from him this week, but I am all but throwing in the towel on being in the top six. I think I have a good shot at being top dog come confrence tournaments. I've got a team loaded with good wrestlers in good confrences. I took the wrong approach season wise but think I will fare well in the tournament if I can make it.
  11. Heard anything about Nick ? Glad to see charlie rounding in to form -thought he was through when I heard that scream at the Midlands -Dolly was king of the hill around Indiana -can't remember if he went to Merrilville or Mishawaka but he was an animal -I'm hoping to get in the tourney the old format way but with the advent of the'' last week scores'' with your team you should be a shoo in . I make so many seemingly stupid trades -where I would trade down in value but I had to get matches somewhere -so I literally went through all of Div 1 and found the wrestler with the most matches that week and traded -often-a much better wrestler for that person with the most matches . I tradd Kinser for an unranked -at that time -Bonilla bowman and my first string 141 for Accordino just to get in the CAA's -I'll be screwed come tourney time as I have only 6-8 AA's and maybe 2 champions -on a good day .
    Good luck to you .
  12. Thanks. I get Falck back then lose Fanthorpe right away. Nice luck.
  13. I hope Fanthorpe is ok -he's a big part of your team .
  14. The 157 lber I had -Kinser-didn't wrestle in the last 10 matches because Goldman wants him to kill himself and cut to 49-so he wrestles coughlin and I was screwed -then Trotman won 3 matches at Reno and disappeared -We both have good teams -just running out of time -that one guy only had 2 guys wrestle one week and they both reached the finals of some rinky dink tournament and he got nearly 70 points from those 2 . At this level bonus points are so important and so hard to come by .
  15. I feel like I've got a pretty solid lineup but am struggling to gain ground. The Midlands was a miserable tournament for my team. Falck and Burk got hurt, Jantzen loses and defaults. LeClere is the returning champ and doesnt place. Fay loses as the one seed. And Leen didnt wrestle in the Scuffle. My team is full of Big ten and Big twelve guys aside from the UNI guys two others. I am hoping to make up ground during the confrence season.
  16. this is my current line up-Clark,Dennis,Cleveland,Ruschell,Hall,Stewart,Henri ch,Patterson,Byers,and Massey and I can't gain any ground -I look at your line up and mine and wonder how are we in whatever place we are in ? Last week-excluding Halsey ,whom I traded ,I scored 81 points and made up no ground -well maybe 10 points on a few -I went 7-0 at VaDuals and 16-2 at Nationals and really don't think i'm going to make the top 6-maybe I need to figure out how to put people in scored tourneys and stuff -just don't know -so i'll do what I always have -put my shoulder to the wheel and push on .
  17. I didnt start Parks this week because I had Jantzent and LeClere wrestling in the Midlands. Who would have thought that the #2 and the returning champ would both fail to place? Parks is good and will be climbing the rankings. He is still a little green. I listened to that dual on the okstate site and it sounded like the match wasnt as close as the score. Another good one in that dual was Sanders over Blanc. Snaders gets a takedown with 17 seconds left and rode him out for the win. Sanders is going to be a four time AA and multiple champ if he doesnt watch it.
  18. That's what I love about the Midlands -you get to see who's been working and who's been WORKING-Taylor belly flopped after all the bragging Terp was doing I was glad -never expected Dennis to come through like that for me -Kennedy and Fanthorpe back to back ?-I scored pretty well considering my 157 and 174 never showed -147 plus a dual left and the Lonestar -if the 74 shows . Everything but 84 and 49 opened up alot -your 141 got you a big win yesterday if you wrestled him -which I doubt you did -talked to a few people and he just thumped Thorn .
  19. I still think it's between Luke, Borschel and Jordan. They each had a bad tournament, but will be better for it. I don't think those two beat either of them if they meet up again. I still predict that either Borschel or Jordan (preferably Borschel) to be in the finals with Luke and the other to place third.
  20. Seems like we were both wrong about 174 being a 2 man race -even if Borschel was sick ?? and Jordan ?? Arnone and Maybe 1-2 others could sneak in -or hell-if they lost to Cannonn and Miller they could lose to just about anyone -if I wass Jordan's coach i'd be the shittiest man in the world -then Fay losinng to my backup 165 ?
    Things could be a little more open than we thought -I certainly didn't think Dennis would win 133 for me .He coulda been yours .
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