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  1. John -if you want I will drive to Harvard and we can pummel Jantzen about the face . I'll trade you Chris Brown for him -at least Brown shows up -I'd trade you Cleveland but I traded away Accordino and I wouldn't have a 141 lber -Cleveland -I wrestled Accordino every chance I could -just has such a lame schedule left -VMI then conferences where he has already beaten everyone by Tech save Benevica and he beat him 13-6 . IMO you have the BEST team -I don't know what to say ? I'm offering you a sure CAA champion for a maybe -best I can do . Good luck .
  2. John , I am sorry but this is so stupid it has become funny -AIC?? and his back up majored the guy ? Cleveland got majored -I didn't wrestle him -but he wrestled hurt the first part of the year -your guy -I don't know what to say ? Is he dead ?
  3. Once all duals end -you pick a conference line up-then after conferences you pick your NCAA team -I was hoping every one could wrestle in conferences but this is how Zapp explained it to me .
    I don't understand a kid like Washington -will pin a NQ and then lose to a bum . I would not hesitate to put him on the mat against ANY 141 lber in the nation .
  4. Just added Washington and dropped Parks. Thanks for the suggestion. Parks wasnt going to win the b12 or do me any good at nationals. At least Washington will win his confrence. How will the confrence weeks be scored? I noticed that the pac 10 has theirs a week before everyone else.
  5. You might as well pick up Trent washington -he is a fine wrestler -crappy record but a tough kid and he will win that conference -use him as your flex .
  6. They NEVER wrestle -20-25 matches tops and they show up 75% of the time -Next year ALL VA TECH they wrestle no one =they are decent at 6 classes and they wrestle over 40 matches -my little 125 is 35-5 going into this week and most of them will walk through the ACC -what a joke conference for wrestling !!!
    I already have my team picked out for next year if I do this again -load up on teams that wrestle those little wuss scored tournaments and get a zillion bonus points .
  7. I've got just about 1/2 the UNI team on my roster. Fay, Dolly, Anderson and Brantley. We'll see if oiur Harvards will come through. Could really score us points if they actually wrestle. Next year remind me not to draft or trade for anyone from Harvard. Leen was pretty absent the first part of the season at Cornell as well.
  8. Now that I have joined you on the Will the Harvard wrestler show up ? team -we should celebrate if our wrestlers actually wrestle the 3 matches they have this week . If I had any drafts I'd pick up !/2 the UNI team because they will all win their conference -then dump them and go back to my regulars -Washington at 41 ,Eitelman-they aren't very good but they'll win their conferences and give you 16 bonus points .
  9. yeah-but I am pretty much crippled for another month or two - did you know that the EIWA conference has 14 teams ? and in the tournament to get to the NCAA's you can wrestle 5 times ? that is if you win straight through -Joe Baker is the #1 ranked 13 lber in that conference -I thought the big 10 was bad -you get into consi''s you can wrestle 7-8 matches . if your hwt comes back you wanna swap for Brantley? I have #9 Wise -he and erekson put on the best hwt match I've seen in a long time .
  10. Good god man. You have got to find something else to do. Your giving me a headache just reading about all the research youve been doing.
  11. It really isn't worth the effort . I have researched every div 1 team and memorized 1/2 the schedules and calculated the odds of so and so beating so and so then trading away a #5 ranked guy for a #19 ranked guy just to pick up extra matches -and since Gold posted how I do it no one will trade with me -my line up is pretty good -We'd show up and make you beat us .The kids I have now have not missed a match -just cursed myself-but they are hard nosed kids with wrestling skills and work ethics . My 74 is interesting 31-1,his one loss being an OT fall CALL during a scramble with Ancerage or whatever his name is -this kid does nothing extraordinary but win .has beaten 6 top 15 guys and gets a lot of majors but he will also win a 3-1 match -he has a motor and a big hairy pair-finally git the 33 I wanted/ Baker from Navy -the boy goes HARD-were you at the CMU /Iowa meet ?I have Sentes and Garnett at 125 and am unsure as who to wrestle -
  12. I just picked up Christian Brantley of UNI and Fanthorpe is supposed to be back against UTC tomorrow night. I should be sitting pretty good now. I don't know why I cant score more points. It probably because I dont' do more wheeling and dealing but I don't want to give up my Iowa guys.
  13. John .
    IMO you have THE best team in this rodeo-yet you are 100 points behind a guy whose team is all Penn State and Okie State .What's it worth to you NOT to have me print a copy of the scores and print them in the Iowa paper ? Do you have any drafts left to try to pick up a part-time 33 or heavy ? I could care less about the 3 points ,I'd just like to see some consistency .
    All these guys who think they are going to win got into a bidding war over my 184 lber . I got Caputo and Baker for him . I could loan you a guy until conferences .
  14. I would say it's probably worth it because I don't think Cleveland will AA this year anyway. So your not really losing much imo. I think Jaggers and Thorn have a better shot than Cody does. But then again he did place last year so who knows. Dwyer is a pretty solid lock to at least place and probably place high.
  15. John -I'd like your point of view on a trade -you atre NOT involved -just looking for input from a smart wrestling man-I'm offering Cleveland and Brown- 165- for A 1/2 ass 141 and Dwyer -Dwyer is why I am making the deal-I''ll be losing a conference champion and an AA for Dwyer but then I am stuck at 41 -is it worth it in your opionion ? I am giving up the #9 and 10 seeds for #5 and 17-not that I care about rankings .
  16. Good grief John, you get Jantzen for a fft then he doesn't wrestle against Penn ? Fanthorpe 's hurt -Fay loses -Parks gets beat in SV-not a good weekend -I don't think we old geezers are cut out for this . After they posted how I traded to get guys for matches NO one will trade with me .BORING . Did you watch the video of my surgery ?
  17. Thanks for the gift John -I appreciate it . If you want to get grossed out go to youtube and type in Shoulder hemi-arthroplasty and you can watch the procedure -I thought it was pretty cool -especially when they laser open the joint and black blood comes gushing out . 31/2 hour procedure . Not as fun as it sounds .
  18. Holy Shit! That is amazing! I'm speechless. Gonna stew on that one the rest of the day.
  19. Thanks -my shoulder was rebuilt then came apart so they used an experimental procedure where they remove the arm and take out the Ball and Socket -replace iot with titanium and then reattach the arm -all my rotator cuff muscles were torn so they threw them in the trash and pulled the Deltoid over -I'll never reach over head again but at least I am not in ungodly pain all the time -just going stir crazy from cabin fever . It is called the Copeland method -I wonder what type of freak thinks these things up ? I am hesitant about the knee .
  20. Russ, the Llamma, as I call him, (Dolly) is very fun to watch. You never know what kind of a match you will get from him. One match he can look unstoppable and the next he looks horrible. Nonetheless he is one of my favorites and I am happy they let him have another year.

    I had shoulder surgery myself. It was a football injury. I was tailgating at an Iowa State game and fell over drunk while playing catch with a football. Had to have it scoped. It's my own fault. I should have never been in Ames in the first place. Hope your shoulder turns out well.
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