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  1. herk-
    The Gott kid verballed to IU so I looked up some of his old matches and , IMO, he got screwed here .
  2. Herk-
    Vais is a total prick-I've had him on ignore all year .just put him on ignore .
  3. I think Loder will be good too. Just isnt cutting it right now for my fantasy team. Pickerel has battle injury demons his whole career. My friend close to the UNI program told me those two guys were legit this year but I guess he cant see too well with all that purple on the lense of his glasses. Loder will be a guy I might take late rounds next year.
  4. Herk-
    I had heard NOTHING but good things about Loder and Pick-must be something in the water up there as neither panned out -although I still think Loder is a star in a year .
  5. Herk,
    Who will be at 33 for Iowa ? Clark or Ramos ? Is Moore big/good enough for 141 ? My first 133 will be Ruggerello from Hofstra-I'm keeping Howe -33,41,49,I am still searching for in my fantasy league .
    Div1 wrestling has many schools line ups up for 2010.
  6. John,
    Who is the MAN at heavy for Iowa ? Rasing is my guess . Wade and Berhow are the only decent Heavies in the big 10-IU has a 2 time NQ at 197 going Heavy ( Fagiano) but he sux . Fantasy wise the big 10 is where you'll want your everyday hwt to come from . That overweight 184 (Bugenhausen) is the 3rd best -Fortune weighs 215 and has NO motor .
    I'm taking that Russian as my first heavy and thought about Rasing as my second . Let me know what you think .
  7. Russ, this was a post by BigFall on a Hawkeye board and I thought I would bring it to you to get your thoughts.

    Nathan Everhart...
    How good is he? I know he's undefeated and ranked 2nd, but is he really that much better than last year or is his record a reflection of a weak schedule and a weak conference at HWT? He finished 5th last year in the Big Tens and didn't place in the big show. I looked through his results and the only guy in the top 10 he's wrestled is Steele from Navy (ranked 9) and he won 3-2. To me, Erekson has a case as the #1 seed based on being the returning Big 10 champ and being undefeated albeit in limited action. It just blows my mind that this guy has managed to wrestle 33 matches without wrestling ANY of the top rated guys and be ranked 2nd in the country. He's really kind of an enigma.

    What are your thoughts? Think Erekson will beat him again this year or do you think Everhart wins B10's?
  8. Herk-
    any word on Slaton ?? I just can't believe iowa would just kick him to the curb like that !! It has to be some fruit professor -I've set in on many meetings about high school kids and it is always some bitch music teacher or some such shit who is trying to screw a kid over .
    My first year teaching/coaching the band director scheduled a Friday night rehearsal for a Sunday performance and made it mandatory -MY FRIGGING conferences started Friday -my principal thought it was funny so I told the band clown I was gonna beat his ass if he made my wrestlers miss conferences .
    You would not believe the uphill battle wrestling coaches face in Indiana !! NO cut rules from the basketball team through 9th grade .If I hadn't been a football coach as well I'd never have gotten a full team together -my first practice 7 kids showed up .With in 3 weeks we were at 40 and we had the only winning season in Frankfort Indiana wrestling history .
  9. Does Casperson suck or what ??
  10. Herk-
    Great pick up of Scuth-Jones is stinking up the place and Scuth is wrestling great and should win the MAC-I told KR (when he asked me ) to pick him up and he went with Odie Delaney-he is in the SoCon and has lost to 2 people so they bumped him to hwt.Where he gets beat regularly-KR is to me what GAGE is to you -asking my advice 100 times and then going with a ''gut feeling ''-gave away Krom and Lapotsky and now has this dildo at 197.
  11. HERK-
    You think it is time for Penrith to go ?? His team looks horrible and are worse than last year -no discipline -no conditioning -nothing . That fat ass HWT almost passed out in the 3rd against ,I believe ,Maryland .
  12. John-
    you shoulda kept LeClere one more week-if I were Brands I'd keep that kid out there -he is a great kid-dam fine wrestler, gets in no trouble and beat Iowa State like a drum .
  13. HERK
    You would make one hell of an asst commish .Tough but fair-all anyone can ask for -the pay sucks -0- and the hours are long but you get bitched at a LOT !!!
  14. Besides talking shit to me about a trade and then the post he left after the Beatty for trade he was demanding the scores =GOLD has been in Vegas and I am in another fantasy league so they won't have to fold =I did all scores but his and posted them-I did not do his because he said he had already counted them -he then claimed he had made a mistake and had scored 424 points or some dumb shit so I had to put down what I was doing and count his scores -I am tired HERK-in the second fantasy team I inherited a next to lst place team-we had the supplemental and I made a trade or two and scored 210 points last week w/out Dudziak or JBB showing up-so the 4-5 people who participate accused me of cheating -then I scored 245 in my regular league and they demanded a recount of my score as it broke the record -this all adds up to the fact I dread coming onto this site -then to have that little fucker goes of on me on that Beatty post and demands the scores is to much
  15. Why, what happened now?
  16. You can thank VAIS for my hard work ending.
  17. yeah, I found them. I'll double check them with my papers sometime tomorrow. Thanks for your hard work in our league.
  18. You find them Herk ??
  19. Look under line up for 12/25-31-or when ever last line up was -I just put your weeks point total so far as you have a few more matches .
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