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    LOL-That trade you made with Zapp? I ended up with Cleveland and he scored me 15 points over the weekend , tech, pin ,major . he's now 19-4 .
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    Why is it Harvard has matches and only O'Conner shows up ? Janzen and Caputo missed the last 2 I believe .
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    I've had to trade and drag myself from 9th place to get within striking distance -the first 3 matches today are over and the guys scored me 14 points so far -20 more matches this week -Cleveland teched a kid in the second period today . He's won 6 in a row now . I'm hoping .
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    Heard anything about Nick ? Glad to see charlie rounding in to form -thought he was through when I heard that scream at the Midlands -Dolly was king of the hill around Indiana -can't remember if he went to Merrilville or Mishawaka but he was an animal -I'm hoping to get in the tourney the old format way but with the advent of the'' last week scores'' with your team you should be a shoo in . I make so many seemingly stupid trades -where I would trade down in value but I had to get matches somewhere -so I literally went through all of Div 1 and found the wrestler with the most matches that week and traded -often-a much better wrestler for that person with the most matches . I tradd Kinser for an unranked -at that time -Bonilla bowman and my first string 141 for Accordino just to get in the CAA's -I'll be screwed come tourney time as I have only 6-8 AA's and maybe 2 champions -on a good day .
    Good luck to you .
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    I hope Fanthorpe is ok -he's a big part of your team .
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    The 157 lber I had -Kinser-didn't wrestle in the last 10 matches because Goldman wants him to kill himself and cut to 49-so he wrestles coughlin and I was screwed -then Trotman won 3 matches at Reno and disappeared -We both have good teams -just running out of time -that one guy only had 2 guys wrestle one week and they both reached the finals of some rinky dink tournament and he got nearly 70 points from those 2 . At this level bonus points are so important and so hard to come by .
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    this is my current line up-Clark,Dennis,Cleveland,Ruschell,Hall,Stewart,Henri ch,Patterson,Byers,and Massey and I can't gain any ground -I look at your line up and mine and wonder how are we in whatever place we are in ? Last week-excluding Halsey ,whom I traded ,I scored 81 points and made up no ground -well maybe 10 points on a few -I went 7-0 at VaDuals and 16-2 at Nationals and really don't think i'm going to make the top 6-maybe I need to figure out how to put people in scored tourneys and stuff -just don't know -so i'll do what I always have -put my shoulder to the wheel and push on .
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    That's what I love about the Midlands -you get to see who's been working and who's been WORKING-Taylor belly flopped after all the bragging Terp was doing I was glad -never expected Dennis to come through like that for me -Kennedy and Fanthorpe back to back ?-I scored pretty well considering my 157 and 174 never showed -147 plus a dual left and the Lonestar -if the 74 shows . Everything but 84 and 49 opened up alot -your 141 got you a big win yesterday if you wrestled him -which I doubt you did -talked to a few people and he just thumped Thorn .
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    Seems like we were both wrong about 174 being a 2 man race -even if Borschel was sick ?? and Jordan ?? Arnone and Maybe 1-2 others could sneak in -or hell-if they lost to Cannonn and Miller they could lose to just about anyone -if I wass Jordan's coach i'd be the shittiest man in the world -then Fay losinng to my backup 165 ?
    Things could be a little more open than we thought -I certainly didn't think Dennis would win 133 for me .He coulda been yours .
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    I have a 33 pounder from Iowa I'll trade you for Luke or Burke -or a good freshman backup 65 lber in Andrew Howe for Burke or Luke .
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    As you may be able to tell, I'm a bit hesitant. I'd prefer to trade a 133 or 165 over my two crown jewels at 141. I'll have to think about it.
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    I dunno, buddy. I have the # 1 and # 2 ranked guys at 141. It would have to be for Charlie.
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    Fxx him -a man has to have priorities .Robles had Angel beat last year -it is weird wrestling a one-legged kid -messes with your head a bit .
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    Herkey-1 -Charlie has a big test right out of the gate Robles upper body looks like a 157 lber . Good luck .
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    Actually, I just made myself laugh with egging it on. Have a great day, too.
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    Wag. Wag. Wag.
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    Honey, I can say whatever I like, including scold what IS rude. Mark = ideamark, the guy who runs RevWrestling. I'm sorry that you are cheap and rude. I was trying to tell you nicely and privately, but apparently that doesn't work for you.
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    Brands wasn't my childhood idol as was Gable and I don't remember him acting w/out decorum as Brands is want to do .
    Also his record as a coach in an era when kids were turning down scholarships just to learn from him are gone.
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    Nah West Virginia or whomever were just being assholes with Metcalf cause Brands had promised he'd stay there and coach forever . I guess thinks got nasty between Brands and the University so they took it out on Metcalf .
    I was Dan Gable's bigest fan but Brands is a different story .He seems to cause controversy whereever he goes .
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    he wasn't stuck but most refs will call it once you get locked up like that . Damn that Caldwell was big.
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