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    Yea -Leen is kicking ass and I didn't score his 2 falls -your leading point getter was anderson -second -so far -Washington -
    No thanks needed . Russ
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    John ,I have you with 192 with 3 guys left wrestling -Luke,Falck and Leen-I have SG wth 196 1 guy wrestling .
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    Opplinger got through to the finals with a 6-4 SV over Hall from Boston U.-197 in the CAA is a bitch !-Hopefully Op can take it to byers tomorrow -my 165 -Brown -from ODU -wins all his matches 4-3 ,3-1 sv -he gets me 2 techs in a row . 3 guys I have sent out and have had 3 finalists -I came close to wrestling Accordino -he has a fall and a major and is in the finals but has already lost to Williams 3 x's.-Your guys out WEST have to get some bonus points for you .
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    For some reason ODU seems to get very little respect and they are a fine program -Nick,Wiliams and Brown are all legit AA threats and had Baxter not had weight issues , he won 38 matches last year -he would be right there .
    i'm just saying if you need some obscure late round advice for point getters -just ask .Going to play with my computer as the EIWA tournament starts today and see if I can ffind a stream -it would suck if Jantzen got 4 matches and won them all by fall.
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    Regardless to this years outcome -and I mean no disrespect when I offer this -but if you need some advice on point getters -I am your man -you know wrestling -I know wrestling -this fantasy stuff ?? But I have researched every conference and wrestler at every weight -how else could I come from 10th to 4th ?
    Point getting back ups are as important as starters -off the top of my head here are some examples -125 -Garnett VaTech -38-6 true freshman -Desi Green RS freshman out of the MAC 35 wins -nicholson ODU sophomore 36-2 25 lber -Jesse dong VaTech freshman 157 -29 wins -Onufer WWC-wyoming 39 wins at 174 freshman-these guys will be around in the 8th -15th round -what could you lose by drafting a couple and flexing them ? Are they going to win the NCAA -probably not -will they score you a boatload of points ? yes .
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    John , -They just released the pig tail scores and Smith had the 6 extra points -sorry -but they just released it like 10 minutes ago-
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    I triple checked the scores I sent you -I am right -i got my points -had me down for 32 when I scored 46 -only 2 wrestlers .Makes you wonder .
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    Chamberlain won then they made Barnes wrestle for ''TRUE' second -36-5-Hall at 34-4 had too also and they both went OT in their finals -SG-scored a trillion points -148-9 i'll check the wrestle backs for the exact count -Barnes got 2nd but outscored Chamberlain as he had that true second crap-he pinned the guy in the first . You scored 25 with Chamberlain and Barnes scored 27 -wish we could have made that trade , you would have 52 points from your weak weight class .
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    Well-shit. I WANT my best wrestlers out there if my ass is hanging out -leBlanc might take dolly -you give me a RUDY speech then tell me you wrestled your back up.That is a hell of a thing . Let's hope the bad ass Doly shows up. Later Russ
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    Yea -Robles has a tech and a fall going into the finals and he has teched that kid twice -why these guys keep locking up with Robles is ridiculous -he is basically a 165 lber upper body wise -i'd hit and run -I hope chamberlain takes it to Barnes -guys out west are afraid to wrestle Barnes -I've watched a dozen of his matches on my computer and at the start of the year they would wrestle him and get teched in the 2nd period -he is amazing off his feet -now they block and stall and belly out -yesterday he beat a guy 7-2 and took him down let him up tok him down then the kid bellied out and grabbed Barnes leg so they would stay on the mat-another year of Folkstyle and he would be a force .
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    Sgallan's team is Robles ,Hochstrasser,Gallick.Caldwell,Pami,Howe,Lee,Smith ,Askren,Fendone -his flex has been DeBerry who got put out yesterday .Bose State and Pac 10 guys -5 of his guys are in the finals of the pac 10.
    Watching the Pac 10 yesterday was like watching a decent high school tournament .
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    If you had Barnes you would have gotten 1st and 2nd at the pac 10's . You caught a break as Chamberlain did not get a bye and gets 4 matches instead of 3 -he wrestles a guy he has already pinned tomorrow .
    That was what I was trying to do -you would have 50 points + coming from the Pac 10 at 149 .Chamberlain and Barnes own the pac 10 and have majored ,teched or stuck everyone . As it stands -finishing second Chamberlain will get you 4+4+4+12=28-if he beats Barnes -and this is why I was hoping you'd make the trade -4+4+4+3+16=31 -if we could have made the trade you would have 59 points from this one weight class . If you are bored the Pac 10 is showing live feeds from the tourney starting tomorrow-pig tails should start at 12 pm our time . Go to Cal state Bakersfield's wrestling site and it is self explanatory on getting the feed .
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    John ,
    Just saying hi and wishing you luck in the weeks to come . I paid a pretty high price for Metcalf but i think he could be the best wrestler I have ever seen . The MAN has beaten the hell out of some of the better college wrestlers w/out breaking a sweat . My line up needed that stud i could count on -through conferences Poeta was ok but only got 2 majors -in the NCAA's he could finish from 3-8th I was sitting Kennedy anyway as Baker is an animal-I hated to have to trade as much as I did but 1/2 my team was redshirted or hurt -that is why i was in 10th place . I truly hope you make it into the next level-if you do you have the horses to win the whole thing -149 is your only weakness because he is a year or two away from winning the thing .
    I think we are a lot alike -a coupla old WAR HORSES set in their ways -God luck- Russ
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    just made a huge trade so I have no use for Barnes -as you will need all the pointd you can get to make the playoffs -i offer you Barnes and Brown for Fay and ???-Brown will get you extra matches and win the CAA and Barnes has beaten Chamberlain twice -in the long run you will lose as Fay is better than Brown but you need points now and ou can always flex Barnes in the tournet -the man is 32 -4 with 23 of his matches either being majors , techs or falls .
    Fay will win the conference -but he will get 2 matches most -whereas depending on the pigtail Brown could get 4 . minimum 3 . Check out the trade I made with Gold -5 wrestler swap.
    Let me know as tommorow is the conference schedule deadline .
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    Sorrytorain on your parade today but i just found out -actually I was looking up that lame conference WWC for you-- when I found a kid who has been hurt all year -anderson beat him last week 6-5 but it was the kid's first loss -\SDSU-Sorenson he is 12-1 .
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    Also on Div 1 if you press links it takes you to each schools wrestling web page .
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    Yea -Zapp uses intermat-but I use Div1 wrestling-they have this years and last years results as well as conference breakdowns-press the 2008 results and you can see everyone's record + the conference results -
    You only get 16 for first and 12 for 2nd as far as points go -in confernces -but the most matches Dolly can get is 2 -whereas the big 10 has 11 schools so Keddy can get as many as 5-he won't get bonus if he does not place in the top 2 -but say he sticks 3 fish .??18 points .
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    John ,
    I was looking at your line up and couldn't believe you were wrestling Dolly instead of Keddy -not my place to say anything -but Keddy might get you more points finishing third than Dolly finishing second . LeBlanc is legit top 15 -no #7 where they had him but between 10-12 -he should beat dolly whereas Keddy may finish 3rd or second but will get 2-3 more matches than Dolly . That is what I hate about these tiny conferences -one match and you are second -but still that is only 15 points -Keddy gets a coupla falls and a major and you have the same point total .
    197 in the CAA is actually a tough conference -Miller ,Fagiano,Strawn ,Byers and Opplinger and Hall could al win it -go to the other fantasy site and Dartshark is going through the exact thing you are -he has Byers and he fears all the guys I have mentoned -Fag won 24 matches as a true freshman last year for IU-give it some thought .
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    since the Midlands -Jantzen has accepted a fft -beat a fish and then ducked 2 pretty good wrestlers in Manson and Accordino-I am glad you picked up Washington because to be honest I don't think Jantzen can wrestle hard four times in a day .
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    John ,
    I am such a dork that I was watching the Harvard /Cornell live updates and could not believe that Jantzen did not wrestle ,Leen did not wrestle and then they FFTed to Caputo although Kerber was ready to wrestle -they changed it later but the live feed showed fft 133-174 matches -then fft out .
    I do NOT understand the wrestlers today .I would die before I missed a meet in high school -I lived for them . We may be a coupla dinosaurs -I would stall half the matches I reffed out . Do you remember the Mills match where he won 16-14 or close to that score and they hit the kid he was wrestling with a stall warning ? Or when-to the shame of Hoosiers everywhere -Bud Palmer got stalled out of the NCAA's ??
    The IVY league schools are little rich kids not on scholarship-but they are still WRESTLERS !! One more 3-2 3ot match won on 5 seconds riding time and I may shoot myself .
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