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    John ,
    ther light weights are falling -I gambled on Esco's health and took him -the 2 best left are Sanders from Minny -I know you do NOT want him -or Bedolyn from Kent State out of the MAC-REMEMBER-SGallan loves Boise State so Hochstrasser may be gone -Bedolyn was a low AA but 3 above him cleared out and Kent State wrestles a ton of matches -these are just suggestions as I have the utmost respect for your wrestling knowlegde -Nickolson will be there but they have not posted their schedule.
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    Lee at 174 is injury free for the first time in2 years -he was 20-5 last year -I picked him in the 5th round -Smith may or may nor RS -Hochstrasser is tough -Chriswell quit .
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    John ,
    Too many really good -not great -157's to risk that -Moley ,O'Conner -mine-Hall from Boise State was 1 point from AAing last year and gets a lot of bonus .
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    John ,
    Precin IS RSing -I took angel -originally I took Robles but was informed that Ashmore has beaten him in 2 wrestle offs so far -125 is strange this year -Esco-Sanders -TNick-if I were you I would take Bendolyn -he AA'd as a soph last year out of the MAC-Sentes went up to 33 -like I said 125 ios weird -Esco is hurt 1/2 the time -if you can -pick the one you want and in round 11 pick up the best left .I picked Bonano from Hofstra 30-15 as a freshman .
    That site Gopherfan put up is VERY helpful .Div1 college wrestling .
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    True -and I was as shitty as you about him locking down players .You need any help I have researched the shit out of everything -take either Keddy or Pucillo next -they are the cream at 84 -I picked Gallick in round 3 and regret it all ready -ISU's schedule sucks -at hwt stay away from Ellis as he'll split -at best -his matches with Bradley -my team is shitty as with 14 guys you get nothing -Lewnes is going 74 but if I were you I weould stay with Iowa at 149,174, and 184 -also Erekson will walk through the big 10 -ay 33 if Ness is gone you might go with Dennis -197 I'd take Taylor in round 3-4 as Varner and Brester will probably be gone .
    I have schedules memorized so if , in later rounds , you need my help ,just pm me .
    Once again I am SORRY .Russ
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    I just spent 3 days doing my draft and Gold was supposed to get me a calling card through Google -which I do not have -and I am volunteering to draft for a player and I still have a rash on my ass from the last 3 days -I apologize for being Snippish but my nerves are frayed and I am doing a commisioners job without access to the equipment .
    Good luck -I did put you down for Metbull 2 days ago .
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    I got the #1 pick also-I thought about it and weighed optionds then came to my senses and chose Metcalf . Varner just doesn't put up the bonus Metcalf does .
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    The coach e-mailed me and he is OLD SCHOOL -you are on scholarship at that weight and are hurt or miss that match you get the loss -Armstrong was a decent 133 and lost 12-6 to this kid and this guy was unbeaten in the So. Con .-pinning 4 of 5 guys in duals . Might be a nice name to remember at seasons end when you are looking for a stud -a la Washington -to get you those valuable tourney points.
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    Just playing around the other day and I found a strnge kid -a 133 from App. State . He had some quality wins and loss a few close matches -i.e.-4-0 to Ruggerelo, 6-3 to Deubel -he beat Armstong 12-6 -had 20 losses but 9 were ffts.
    This kid won the So con. and may be a sleeper in a deep ass weight class -do you know anything about him ? Names Frank Celorrio .
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    When I first discovered this site I thought the head guy was from Minnesota -being from Indiana they hated me as Ness lost to Angel 3-4 times that year .And I let them know it !!
    Last year at the big 10's iU matched up 3 times against Minny and won all 3 -I had a field day .Coughlin beat Saf and Esco beat Ness and our former 197 lber -Fagiano -knocked their guy out of the tournament . THAT was a good day .
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    John ,
    when Fantasy season starts I will put you down for Jantzen as your #1 pick -followed by Shlattner and Mario Mason .
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    John ,
    thanks for making the season fun -sorry about your guys wresting like fags at the tourney -at least my IVY league prick AA'd for me -Zapp resigned so why not take over as commich ? I could help you and we could run a tght ship-you miss one line up turn in and you get last weeks roster's points -second time you get dick -allow trades but no pawn offs .
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    these new fangeled machines give me hell, too.
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    Hey John ,
    You OK ? your abbreviated post did not sound like you were happy with the draw . Cam simaz is going to be my first 197 picked next year . When Arnone got hurt they tore off his redshirt and he has been kicking ass ever since -I can try to find you another 197 if you want -we only have until the end of the day to finalize line ups .
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    Haven't heard a thing.
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    John ,
    The only thing that may stop you from winning is your 197 -I don't see him making the rd of 12 .You might want to check around and see if there is a better one to be had .
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    It is official-check with Zapp or look under final team scores -you are the wild card . Congratulations !!!
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    After checking all the wrestle backs and true seconds and BLAH-YOU -261 SG-255
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    John ,
    I have you with 251 points with Leen still wrestling -he has 14 in the bank + the finals .
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    By my count -Luke wins -YOU win.
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