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    Tough week for Kelly at 33 . We'll see how much he has improved -he was the last person to beat Mangrum in high School and Mangrum has beaten Graff -so it should be interesting .
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    Thanks for backing Thaxton up-Acc doesn't have a home computer and I posted for him and Gold told me to stop posting so I did . i assumed he meant everyone -thaxton's last e-mail came from San Diego so at least he is alive , just in transition . And he has 7-8 guys in tournaments this week . Gold knows ACC uses the schools computer but he'll survive -I thanked Gold for letting me help but I am through if I F up this man's chances through no fault of my own .Good luck ,John .Russ
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    HWT. is hit-the best left would be Bordas from Rider -he pins a lot of people and Wrestles around 35 matches -won the CAA tournament last year . This kid from Kent State -Barlow is damn good as he wrestled behind Porter last year -huge kid with skills .
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    John -
    Did Rasing lose his wrestle off ?
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    I don't mind doing the work -but after I asked everyone to just put down guys they knew were wrestling LoSt came on and said to put everyone down and Gold went along with that So I am not keeping score -I'll tally scores for friends but not 132 scores a week when 1/2 of them aren't wrestling -you still have to look up the results even if no one wrestled and THAT is very time consuming .
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    You scored 5 points . Smith had a tech but Casperson lost.
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    who wrestled for you John ? I can tally your score pretty quick.
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    Like I said , it's a rumor board but about 90% accurate . 1/2 the guys over here have so much inside knowledge it is not funny -Casperson got beat by I think, that JUCO kid who is supposedly all-world but can't make grades to get in to a full college .Kinda like Deron Winn was for a few years . i'm glad Smith is wrestling -I had to trade for a good 184 -I traded away Gallick and his weak schedule for Askren and Ciasulli-Ciasulli was the guy who beat that Harvard kid for the EIWA championship . I think Askren can win it all at 184 .
    I am happy that Smith is wrestling . but with Boise state's weak schedule you'll need to have a back up-Ward got beat in wrestle -offs and Long didn't even wrestle .
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    There is a thread over in JensenS' league about who we know not to take and Smith's name is on it as he is apparently injured or red shirting -they KNOW he is hurt and won't wrestle for awhile -not sure about the RS .Russ
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    Thanks for the input . I have Gallick and Trevor Melde but am weak at 97 -actually ,Starks has won his last 16 matches -including a beating he put on Simaz -but got hurt in the EIWA semis and had to miss the NCAA's . He was ranked as high as 9th last year and is 9th,15th, and 18th in the polls now .Although Earl has him #1 over Simaz in the conferences since Simaz has never beaten him -if you get bored sometime Melde can be seen at the Adam Frey fund raiser at Flo where he beats Conroy . At the 4:00 minute mark watch the shuck Melde atempts-he damn near ends up on his back yet is mean enough to get the TD to win it anyway .24-10 and they pulled his redshirt so they could win a dual -Next year Rutgers is a top 15 team .Russ
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    John ,
    What do you hear about Iowa's 141 situation ? One guy over here has Slanton and another has Leclere -Do Iowa's wrestle -offs mean anything ? IU's don't -whoever Goldman wants to put out there is how it works there and I hate it .
    Iu had 3 top recruits leave -Malone 197 , 3x state champion at 215 in Indiana with wins over Marcel Dubose and the kid who won nationals ,Ramos 149,Illinois and Nick Cook hwt, Ironman champion and Beast of the East -lost only one match last year as a red shirt .
    ANYWAY-Let me know what you hear as I am trying to trade .Russ
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    John ,
    December 6th is the day Gallick steps on whatever Iowa sends out on the squared circle -I have Galick but his schedule is so bad I can't unload him -so I picked up Trevor Melde and he'll wrestle more than Gallick but this is Nick's year .
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    I looked it up and Foster wrestled 211 in EVERY tournament this summer and they expect him to be able to wrestle 6 minutes -when I wrestled in college it was 3-2-2-2 years prior it was 3-3-3--you were so tired you could not move your arms or anything . And that was when I quit football and was cutting maybe 5 lbs.You still have Reader , that should be worth $500. You keep ducking 33 and you'll end up sending out the Northern Iowa kid -if Mitcheff is around -GRAB him .
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    If I don't have $10,000.00 in my hands or transfereed into my acct . I am posting where you picked a cowboy to Brands -I might e-mail your roster -Herk#1 @125 -Sanders -Minnesota Russ
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    Mitcheff from Kent State is available -I am trying to trade Grey for him as I type .
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    133 is problematic -I took Grey and am scared the wuss can't hold his mud -if I were a GAMBLING MAN -I'd take Graff.
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    Don't know much about him honestly.
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    Your logic make perfect sense. I can just imagine it being a tough choice from a fan perspective.
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    Wow! I never thought you'd take a cyclone over a hawk.
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    I was just getting ready to pm you -your kicking ass in this draft -NEVER thought you'd take Sanders but he is gonna be special !!
    GREAT JOB,Russ
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