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  1. Got it. I've had some trouble also trying to figuire out all of these new gizmos that Schlotte keeps adding. Never to old to learn or so they say. I will drop you a line.
  2. This board is boyond my technical prowness. Schlotte is young and doesn't realize us oldtimers sometimes struggle. My email is

    Hoping this went to the right place!
  3. Scott, I never saw yout response to my 4-3-08 post. You are supposed to reply to my wall not yours. I will send off some biners and tapers(stoppers) this week. If there is any thing else let me know. I will mail it on friday. I still have your address if it is the same but I lost your e-mail address. Sorry for the mix up in communicating.
  4. Scott, You never gave me the rest of your rock gear wish list. Let me know what you guys need to complete a top rope set up for the areas that you will be climbing at this year. I also have route guides for some of the areas out west so let me know where you are thinging about going to this season.
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