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  1. I know you do NOT want to trade starters until Decmber -but what about back ups ? I will give you Lee -#7 ranked 174 for Patrovich #13 ranked 174 .
  2. that was my last and best offer -a #2 2 x AA for a one hit wonder .
  3. I have another 141 that I picked to coincide with Gallicks schedule -Melde from Rutgers -24-10 as a part time freshman last year -will be full time this year and Rutgers a bunch of light weights .Send me an offer if you want but if you want to wait til December that's your perogative .
  4. Grips ,
    I understand but the reason I did not draft Seth was his incredably difficult schedule -look at those first matches -he may win Rider ,then he faces Molianaro,Naumann,Hump,Russell and at the Journeyman he faces Krom and Rappo -unsure of Nebraska 's wrestler -so you are probably looking at a 2-6 -at best- start . Then an entire month without a 141 then a ?? at Midlands -considering he has never placed at the Midlands before ....Patterson will have to face Caputo -who he is 1-1 against as I traded Josh for Caputo by Nationals .who is your 33 lber ? I'll trade Nick for Garnett and a decent 33 or my original offer holds -I have feelers out as I am shopping Gallick for a 125 .2-6 and then nothing save the Midlands where he will be a low seed because of his record .Seth I mean .
  5. Not a terrible offer, but under my strategy I don't want to trade until December until I get a look at a month of performance. Ciasulli has 8 duals in November and wrestles the Midlands @ the end of December. Not terrible. I would like to have a nother 141 for those weeks though.
  6. Sir,
    You are aware that Accordino is at 149 this year ?? And that lehigh does not wrestle a match in December ? If you do NOT wish to trade Patterson perhaps we can work out a deal for someone else .
  7. I have a trade offer for you -Gallick #2 141 and Bradshaw #12 184 for Garnett #10 125 and Patterson #4 184 . Bradshaw was 26-9 at 197 last year and should win 35 matches this year . 184 is going to be a fight between Pucillo and Keddy whereas Gallick could win 141 as he placed 3rd last year .Josh was my 184 in the other league and he'll score points but he won't place above 5th at best .
  8. Accordino with a 40 second fall.
  9. Hofstra coach e-mailed me back and they wrestle 4 matches this week-Rider,Boston,ODU,andSacred Heart .
  10. Greetings -would you be so kind as to tell me what a 'SIG' bet is ? I know a side , under the table , word bet -but this one is new to me . Thanks .
    PS -I have Brenner as my 184lber in fantasy but the WVA site says he's going 174 this year .
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