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  1. I believe your first round scores are incorrect, if you are using NCAA scoring. If a wrestler won their first round non-pigtail match, they receive an advancement point for their bye in the pigtail plus advancement point for win plus any bonus.

    Look at Edinboro team score of 7 points. 3 wrestlers win plus one bonus point = 2+2+2+1=7

    wdanforth Line Up NCAA

    wiltz leauge

    Wrestler School Session 1
    Matt McDonough Iowa 3.5
    Jordon Oliver Oklahoma State 2
    Reece Humphrey Ohio State 3
    Jason Chamberlain Boise State 3
    Jesse Dong Virginia Tech 4
    Chris Brown Old Dominion 2
    Mike Benefiel Oklahoma State 3
    Kirk Smith Boise State 2
    Jesse Strawn Old Dominion 2
    Mark Ellis Missouri 2
    James Nicholson Old Dominion 0
    Total 26.5
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