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  1. Haha well he wouldn't have gotten back to you anyway; I was going to take him 4 picks later. I wanted him pretty bad. I thought maybe I was taking him a little early, but I think I'll have the top 2 197s.
  2. I have a problem with the Gelogaev pick, because I wanted him....haha
  3. I pretty much figured on that line-up with the exception of 133. I really have no idea who's going to be there. No matter what happens there, the rest of the line up looks pretty damn strong.
  4. I don't really know that much. If we've gleaned one thing about Tom Ryan's philosophy, though, it's that if someone is good enough to start, he's going to start. I think our lineup will look something like this:

    125: Triggas
    133: Paddock
    141: Humphrey
    149: L. Palmer
    157: Nemec
    165: Sponseller
    174: Rella
    184: Pucillo
    197: Magrum
    285: Morrison/Hiles

    Based on what what people say, it sounds like Hiles is the favorite for Heavy. I'll believe it when I see it, though. Like I said, I think Jameson will provide good depth for 149-157. Barring an injury to Humphrey or Lance, I would imagine Collin Palmer is redshirting.
  5. What else are you hearing as far as who's Redshirting and stuff like that? I need to get on the Ohio boards more often to get the skinny on that stuff.
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