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  1. Nope... We don't have a sub rule like the other league.
  2. Hey Gold, do i get points for Dennis' back-up at the UNI Dual? If so Nate Moore gets me 6 more.
  3. ok. nevermind. saw that the forf. was only three. thanks
  4. Hey Gold, I have double checked my scores for week 3, and i got 91. I know this for a fact, so please double check. thanks
  5. Hey Gold, do you have a personal email so i can send you my draft information?
  6. Its in Macedonia, the HS name is Nordonia Hills. NE ohio, between Cleveland and Akron. I will put a list together, i may be able to respond via email. Thanks
  7. We will probably have the draft in early October if we have our league full. If your internet doesn't work, you can send me your lists and I will draft for you.

    I had Hump on my team last year, and it kinda makes me want to have a keeper rule because I drafted him late and I would keep him haha. I don't think we'll have a keeper rule, though, because there will be a lot of new comers and it really wouldn't be fair. I would love to get Hump or Pucillo (or both), but we'll have to see how the chips fall.

    Where is Nordonia Hills?
  8. Hey Gold, I am pumped to be on the fantasy league. i am wondering when the draft will go. I am in Afghanistan now, but i leave in a couple months. my internet is a bit sketchy out here. maybe i can email you a list of guys i want to draft, say 10-15 per weight class, and trust you to draft the highest on my list, and not steal any of my guys. haha. let me know if this works for you. I trust you being an Ohio State fan Myself, so are you taking Hump or Pucillo in the first round?
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