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  1. Heck yes Chriswell! Wish he had one more month of training under him, he would be a serious AA threat if he did IMO. He could still do it but I don't have great confidence.
  2. Chriswell !!
  3. I figured it would be a major decision, but closer to an 8 point win than a 15 point win. So pretty much but not quite.
  4. Ben,
    Did U anticipate this ?? 15-2 Steiber over Cashe ??
  5. Dammit-Just went on a big winning streak on instantchess then went up against 3 1900+players in a row-at 1789 and holding !
  6. Ben,
    Thanks for your help during the season-somehow I won with the scrubs I had -congratulations on your dominating season !!
  7. Ben,
    I need some advice-Morrison hurt his knee and had it drained Friday-lost 6-4SV then MED FFT'd out. IF he gets a WC should I use him or Bonano ?
    I got 3 points from Gillespie and Morrison conference week, 2 #1 seeds.
    Even with my poor conference score I should hold on to win the regular season .
  8. Ben,
    Snackem wrote Zalesky and Z said ''MAYBE'' on Cov wrestling this week-IMO-he is being in house disciplined . Z was never one for the lime light and If COV screwed up no one outside the OSU room knows about it. The way it should be.
  9. Ben,
    Vais has been on ignore since he first attacked my first trade this year .And he is not in our league.
    Gof begged me to get him a 149-so I got him Caldwell-he sent me Kilgore .Then he traded Caldwell ?? I did exactly what a friend asked, got him the wrestler he wanted , and VAIS attacked me mercilessly so I called him a castrated chihuhua and he has been on ignore since.
    This trade is fair-if anything you are taking a beating . the Sanjaa trade is NOT one sided either-that is TF being a Mizzou homer . the difference between Kennedy and Schav ? 3 points. sanjaa could be a finalist at 149-do NOT let VAIS get under your skin-I know as commish you may not ignore-but you can tell him to shut the fuck up.
    Best wishes ,Russ
  10. Ben-
    Your trade of sanjaa /Kennedy may be moot as Sanjaa is listed at 141 in the Wilkes Barr. The Snowstorm in the East has a lot of people staying home or going close-any way-if you go to Gimp software-You will see Sanjaa listed at 41.
  11. Ben,
    Look at my post TREMENDOUS NEWS -MOJO is being inducted t o the hall of fame !! I was nearly in tears when he said I was one of his best (unmet) wrestling friends and invited me to the dinner .When a wrestler of Morris' caliber considers you a knowledgeable frien it really makes you feel good .
    Please wish him well .
  12. Bem-
    ACC PM'd me saying Yates,Spellman and Green are the only guys he will trade
  13. Ben,
    Woke up cramping so I cleaned up the rosters and added the trades . Everything should be up to date .
  14. Ben,

    You will see how good Peterkin really is as he has his first decent 133 in Kirchner (Morrill is just another 125 who moved up ) Kirchner is good , not great , but BIG.
  15. Ben,
    Just heard from KR and he is fine and stoked for the league to start -I kinda bitched him out for not contacting us but he is ready so he should be your last man !!
  16. Ben,
    The Bobcats picked up a REALLY good wrestler , Michael Duckworth, out of Indiana . Placed 2nd to Howe ,then won State , then placed second this year to some Beast from WC.Duckworth was the only person Howe did not TF or pin in the tournament . Look for him to step in for Ibson .
  17. Ben-Need your advice -Melde or Ciasulli ? Melde has Lindsay then (probably ) Diaz-whom he has never lost to-Ciasulli has Bailey then Thorn .Ah, hell with it-I'm going with Seth.
  18. Ben,KSU is running a ''Match After'' results on their site .
  19. Ben,
    What is this about the conference week champs not getting in ?? That has always been a rule in every league -ACC and RD are counting on it as are you -if you simply brought last years rules with you then THAT should be implied -
    Thaxton asked me how to block GAGE this morning -GAGE had the balls to e-mail me and ask for Thaxton's cell phone #-I told him I threw it away and would not give it out if I had it . THAXTON's PM was entitled ''now I know why you hate this kid .''
    If you are not letting conference champs in you should PM ACC and RD and tell them as they have made moves toward that very thing .
  20. ben ,
    You need to remember Mango damn near beat Lara -and Bennett will win the MAC -so that is 2 champs -they will each get probably 2 matches at most -figure 2 majors and 3 +12-23 each-if the others get second you are looking at 4,4,+8=16
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