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  1. Ben,
    Take a look at Mike Rappo from North Carolina -he has an easy schedule the first part of the year and wrestles a ton of matches .Was at 33/41 last year and now 41 .
  2. Bishop is a solid 25 and they used to have Northern Illinois 's 141 as a coach- Castillo-Buffalo always has a bunch of solid NY kids .The kid looks like he's 12 .
  3. I will keep him around for a while to test him out. Sounds like a solid dude but I worry about how much he's progressed since Buffalo probably doesn't offer him a lot of great workout partners.
  4. Ben,
    Smith only lost to Hump 9-5 and Hoch 4-0-I watched him wrestle on my computer when I had Kubec and Kubec escaped with a 2-1 win -Smith wasn't even sweating -a motor and a half . He is not even ranked in the MAC because of his poor tourney -the kid was sick as hell that day and still wrestled hard and was close -29-6 going into the MAC as a freshman at 33 is impressive .
  5. Ben,
    I was up 1/2 the night worrying about that trade -Thaxton e-mailed me about a pending trade and I told VAIS to keep me posted -then he did but he thought it was a negotiation -I told him I couldn't do that -then I received a coupla PM's from Thaxton asking my opinion so I told him to PM you-then this morning he e-mailed me again and said to go ahead -I wish I knew how to show you the e-mails and stuff -I didn't instigate this and was hands off except for doing what Thaxton wanted .
    I guess Parks moving up is having a ripple effect through both leagues .
    I had a trade worked out then the guy backed out and wanted to wait a month so I said no .
    why does everyone think I am Thaxton ?
  6. I trust you... The trade is approved.
  7. Ben ,
    At about 7 PM VAIS sent me a PM saying this was a done deal-then Thaxton PM's me at 10:49,10:51 and 10:53 pm saying he was 'THINKING' about this trade . I told him to PM you as you have the final word in trades plus thaxton has e-mailed me saying he was consideriong a trade so I told VAIS to let me know the results so I could make out Thaxton's schedule . I have already changed the rosters as I thought it was a done deal . That was my only role in this . Make your decision when Thaxton PM's you . I am sorry for the confusion but I took VAIS at his word as I had no reason not to. Russ
  8. Ben ,
    Thaxton -the real one -made a trade with VAIS -I posted it and changed the roster board -Morrill and Manuel for Diaz and Blanton . a #12 and 11 for a 10 and a 12 . I only posted it as Thaxton e-mailed me the results , I played no other part .Russ
  9. Ahhh you are right. Thanks for telling me!
  10. Hippie -are you sure DeShazer should be on the Waiver list ? Kr1963 added him and dropped Ward .
  11. You marked sgallan's transaction just fine.

    Tell accboy that from now on he needs to post his own lineups.
  12. Hippie-
    ACCBOY asked me to post his line up so I did -I left out the guys I knew weren't wrestling .
  13. Ben ,
    SGallan added Gitomer and dropped Peterkin -I changed it , hopefully correctly,and changed his line up as Scott had trouble doing Waivers last year . 125 cleared out quickly .
  14. I just typed for like 5 minutes and the computer died and reconfigurated updates -I hate these things . Wiltz is going nuts doing his draft -3 days ,round 4 .
    I ended up giving away Lee,Bradshaw and Gallick for Manuel,Askren and Ciasulli-almost even in rankings but I picked up 15 matches and 2 tournaments -then traded Trotman to back up Askren's weak schedule -a minor deal where I got #17 Thomuseiit from Pitt for a strangely unranked Trotman -Trotman can wrestle and is ranked #1 in the SoCon and has beaten a lot of good wrestlers til he got hurt last year . Strange because I hesitated on a trade because LoSt was getting hammered with Scott leaving and Caputo not wrestling so I tried to look out for him and ended up with a much better deal than JensenS wanted for LeBlanc . A Strange World .
  15. The crown is not too bad right now. Ask me again in a couple weeks when there are a lot of matches to be looked up, and my answer might change. I saw your trade, but based on what LoSt posted, I couldn't tell what you gave and what you received, so I can't tell what I think of it. I'm glad you're getting back into the trading biz, though--you were probably becoming quite blueballed.

    I don't know why you're thanking me--you're the one who saved our draft from being a nightmare for me.
  16. Well HIPPIE,
    How heavy weighs the crown ? Scott ''went crazy'' on you and soon you'll have to start tabulating scores . Whew !! I finally got a trade and a mini trade accomplished today and helped LoSt in the process . I don't know how this happened but people are e-mailing me asking for advice and stuff -this time a year ago I was so anti social I was literally a Hermit -don't know how I feel about all this -would these people still like me if they knew the REAL me ? Just wanted to say thanks for everything .Russ
  17. LoSt seems sure he is gone -these guys are freezing me out and LoSt -LoSt because of his mouth ,me because I am the new guy . A guy accepted a trade from someone else -a 5 and 23 -I had offered him a 2 and 13 . I'll win with what I have or not - a level playing field would be nice but ....Good Luck ,Russ
    PS -SGT. Thaxton lives in Ohio so watch your back -he was NOT happy about Byers .
  18. Yep looks good. Man I hope Scott is wrestling...
  19. Gold -Thaxton drops Byers and adds Logan Brown -I think I changed it correctly this time .
  20. Gold -forget the trade as LoSt just told me Scott got kicked off the team .
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