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  1. What do you mean did they put something inside Hump and Spons' water?
  2. I finally got some wrestlers wrestling and scored 64 points so far this week and Starks med defaults out . No reason , just quit .Won 2 matches and left.Hopefully he is just sick .
    I just don't want to embarrass myself over here and now I am ffting a class -I have about 5-6 matches left but Starks is a key guy since he wrestles so often 36-6 last year .POOP.
    Did they put something in Hump and Spons water ?
  3. Yea -I clicked off as I thought he was gonna pin the kid -Morrison was moving well on the mat and super quick off his feet -Birchler supposedly beat Barhow but I sure as hell never saw that TD in O.T -Barlow is REAL impressive too,
    At 141 my back up is having a good day -a major then stuck the Kent State kid -now he has to face Hump-he is unbeaten and tough as nails -Melde from Rutgers -I picked him up in the 15th round as he wrestles around 45 matches . He was 27-7 or close to that as a freshman with wins over Diaz and Sultzer -Rella beat that kid 6-4 but it was tight -I can't tell you how poorly Erwin wrestled -I think I coulda waddled out there and beat him .
    Has KD talked to you about THAT trade ???
  4. I think you're right.
  5. the brackets say he lost to that kid 12-2-I saw him score 5 points in like 30 seconds -?must be a clerical error .
  6. I don't know how much Morrison weighs. Anyway, last year he started off real strong, beating lots of ranked guys and was beating the GIANT Jermail Porter until the last 10 seconds of the match. I think the season just kind of wore on him, though, since he was so undersized, and by the end of the season he wasn't winning too many matches.
  7. Morrison looks GREAT -picked up about 15-20 and is wrestling well.Beat the Okie back up half to death .I may pick him up in the supplemental.
  8. ben ,
    I hate to keep bothering you but you really should ask/demand everyone puts where their guys are wrestling and when. THAT would make the scoring SO much easier . Let them fill out their line up as they wish -but once you make them start putting WHERE their guys are wrestling they will tire of TYPING all those names .
  9. Hippie-
    Here are where Acc's guys are wrestling
    125-Navy Classic
    133-gomez -Sprawl and Brawl
    141 Russel-no where
    149-Greenwald-Sprawl and brawl
    157 JBB- N .C .State open
    165 Rendos -allstar plus
    174 Patrovich-NC State open
    174 Rebertus-Navy clasic
    184-Paterson -Sprawl and brawl
    197 Simaz -Maryland /Body bar
    hwt -Russo-Sprawl and brawl
    Don't know why he didn't wrestle Dake at 41 but I hope this helps with the score keeping .
  10. Ben ,
    I went back to Thaxton's argued post and put in where they were wrestling to help you with the scores -I didn't change the wrestlers just tried to make scoring easier for you . The schedule Thaxton sent me is on drugs -it is about 75% accurate plus he has made a trade at 2 weight classes and 197 Red shirted . I am doing the best I can ..Russ
  11. You'll need a conference champion and Banano nor Triggas is one -Banano has NEVER beaten Nicholson and what do you think Nikko's chances of winning the big 10 are ??maybe pick him up and hope at the end of the season .
  12. Yeah his school wrestles a ridiculous number of matches. They do a lot of dual tournaments. I think he set the state record for wins his junior or senior year. For the most part, Ohio wrestlers don't get near 200 matches.

    I saw that he took Garnett to OT and that has me kind of pumped. I would consider picking him up, but I already have too many guys at 125.
  13. Just read he has shoulder surgery -out until January at least .
  14. Opfer won 224 matches in high school-Bedolyn may be out for the season -some injury -that is an average of 46 a year .When I was in high school we were not allowed to wrestle more than 35 matches a year .Opfer took Garnett into OT.
  15. It's cool that Troy Opfer is starting. The Opfers were a big Ohio wrestling family. There were 4 or 5 of them and all went to KSU. I think the dad and the oldest son (who won 4 state titles) run the Jr. High state tournament each year.

    Why is Bedelyon out?
  16. Gold -why isn't Futrell wrestling against Missouri ?
  17. Ben,
    I confirmed Peterkin is red shirting ad suggested he look at Bedolyns replacement -OPFER-the Kent State coach said ''he is probably going to be our guy this year '' as They are thinking of red shirting Bedolyn as he won't wrestle until January at the earliest .
    Thaxton e-mailed me and was pretty down about his line up not being accepted -then I told him you were giving him and me a break-haven't heard back but that e-mail I gave you is working .Russ
  18. Thaxton didn't post ? I was going to but you told me every one had to post their own line ups last week and I don't even know where he is -he is on his way back from Afghanistan and I think he is in San Diego as a lay over .He will be back the 20th .
    I can only get in touch with ACC when he PMs me as he doesn't have a home computer -Thaxton is goig to miss about 25 matches .
  19. Can you have acc post his free agent trade? It's not that I don't trust you--he should be acting for his team, though. I typically wouldn't think this is a big deal, but he hasn't really done anything with his team since the early rounds of the draft.

    EDIT: I just saw he posted his lineup (though late, so it won't count), so that's good I guess.
  20. Ben,
    Why not offer one of your 197's to RD for Hump ? He'll say no but then start throwing guys into the mix .Or offer the Russian and Mangrum for Hump and Starks -you'll still have the champion at 97 and maybe 41 ? With Varner's schedule you'll need 2 97's and then pick up Rappo or whoever to back up Hump you have 2 studs at 97 and a stud potential at 41 now .
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