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  1. Then you should be pitting one against the other -keep them weak as you grow strong -use multiple people in trades -don't forget to check for weak quads and tri 's. Stay close to those with power thus leaving them no time to plan against you ,nor room to swing the sword .
  2. I've offered him package deals including Gelogaev for Humphrey before and he says no because Hump is his best shot at a title--probably true. That was before Starks was injured, though.

    I've read The Prince...
  3. Ben -
    I dam near broke down and cried the other day -a bunch of my ex-wrestlers are going down to IU for the IU duals next week and invited me to come with-I actually plan on going -it has been so long since I had ANY money in my pocket that I am loking forward to going -the guys had pretty much given up asking me as I always said no-I didn't one them to know how impoverished a man they once admired had become .
    So if an incident breaks out at IU next wek it will be me putting my foot up Goldman's ass.
  4. thanks Ben .
  5. I fixed it. Young still only has 20 points though, because we only give 3 points for forfeits.
  6. Ben-
    On Young's score you have to go to the MSU open bracketts or IU and hit full results -they did not give Young 6 points credit for his teammate injury defaulting to him .JensnenS had to fix my scores . I triple checked those below and they are correct . I won't bother you about it again as if Thaxton isn't going to fight for his points -why should I ?
  7. Gold -
    I have 91 points for Thaxton
    125 -Morrill-14
    141-Melde -17
    165 Young -23
    174 Manuel 9
    197 -Brown -10
    Hwt -Everhart -18
    total =91 .
  8. NO-you are the one doing the ROOTING-I hope Hump goes unbeaten -I just don't think it will happen .I believe he'll be on the podium -just unsure where . All I have to go on is his 12-4 victory over my reserve 141 and the rather apathetic 5-3 victory over #25 Bailey . I doubt he makes it through the big10 unscathed .A ranked guy in 7-8 schools is a tough weight class.
    The biggest worry I have is if he tries to go upper body with Thorn . As much as I like Reece He will quickly learn he is not at 133 anymore and will not be able to push guys around .Prater and sultzer can get as FUNKY as need be but Thorn is a strong SOB.
    The reserve 141 for IU is the guy Dake beat in Sr. nationals 5-3, Ortega . 5 x New Mexico state champ. Beat Lang for Jr. Nationals -Matt's little brother ,Max .
  9. You would root against an Indiana native for fantasy points!?!?!?! Terrible!
  10. Root real hard for Seth -I need the points !!
  11. Shiiiit I plan on being there. It is in Columbus.
  12. Ben -
    The match tomorrow pits Hump against my guy -Ciasulli-Ranked 10th -he is 2-1 with a major and a fall and lost 5-3 to #6nauman so Hump has his work cut out -Ciasulli was a match away from AAing last year -has a good resume of wins . You can probably watch it on Lehigh's station .
  13. Ben-
    if you have any problematic scores -scores that you just can't find -let me know and I'll see what I can do to help-also-and you should do this to set an example -Have the guys put down WHERE and WHO they wrestle
    i.e.-133-Grey-Cornell-Maryland/Body Bar-that is all the info you need -the wrestler -his school and opponents .
  14. Gold
    Kevin Smith has 2 pins ,a tech and a major since you dropped him . You don't trust my judgement anymore ?
  15. No problem -he only has one dual-I told him not to lose corozco as he was tough at Edinboro ad with Rutgers schedule should win 35 matches -took second in the Binghamton yesterday losing only to O'Conner in the finals .
  16. Don't know why Spons and Hump would be looking sluggish. I would say it's early season but those two seem like the kind of guys who would be ready. Overall, I'd say tOSU just wasn't mentally ready for this tournament. Maybe they thought it would be easy or something and got more than they were expecting.
  17. Sorry but I'm not going to use Erisman's results. Wouldn't be right, and it won't end up being that big of a deal.
  18. Gold -I adjusted Thaxton's line up as I realized he no longer had Cocozo-I put Erisman in his place -I let Thaxton know -I am not sure he knows his entire roster
    here are his scores so far
    165 23 +
    197 10
    =113 and counting as Everhart and Young have matches against Wabash.
    Both his 49 lbers scored ZERO as Cathell missed weight and Mason's tournament did not count .
  19. banano didn't wrestle today -Kevin Smith teched the Hofstra kid 27-12 with 13 TDs.
  20. They both wrestled rather lazily -Bailey is #25 and Spons could have done more against King . I meant no offense but they did not wrestle up to their own standards .
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