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  1. Imagine how pissed you would be if I had sent you Herbst and Fio for Nickerson. Haha that would have been an awesome deal for me. Actually Herbst still managed to get 2 pins, so they did combine for 18 points. However, Nickerson has 31 going into the finals.
  2. I just sent you an email with the file. Let me know if you see any errors.
  3. 3,3,0,3,0,6 his matches (zeros are losses) and then 4 placement points.
  4. What scores do you have for Wise at 285 ? I have a few moreas he got a Med For. for 7th.
  5. I miss-added. I have 214 points, while Tigerfan has 204. Still anyone's ballgame considering all 4 of his guys have solid shots of winning in the finals. Three of mine have solid shots, and I have a little more potential down in the consis, so it will get interesting. Kennedy vs. Ness will be key.
  6. Hoehn and Patterson and Hall dd not live up to their seeds Brester and Varner will be a good match -herbst sucked Ness will not live upto his expectations If Miller comes through you are a lock .trust me .
  7. I like where I am, but Tigerfan is definitely still in it. He also has 4 finalists. I think it will come down to bonus points.
  8. I'd like to be the first to congratulate you on your victory -I know I have 118 before bonus but only 1 finalist and 2 others and 5 wrestling for 8th -Miller ,Um and especially Kennedy did a great job for you -Hump and Jaggers should win it -Poeta and miller ?? Good job .
  9. What did you think of HCutt beating Kilgore ?Jones had Herbst cradled up and nearly stuck when he got too high and pinned himself -according to intermat live blog .So far -before placement points -I have 94 with 9 guys still wrestling -should have flexed Barnes he has 3 majors and one loss . Little Baker keeps coming from behind to win -off the whistle he was thrown for 5 against Rug and had cut the lead to one when he tried some silly shit and got stuck-Ballsy kid .
  10. Placement points are awarded the same as the tournament awards them.
  11. Do you have any idea How we are scoring the placements ? Is it like the regular conferences where the first 2 score or does everyone score where they place ?
  12. I do NOT know if I can sit at this computer watching /reading wrestling results anymore-Started envying you and your root canal. Caputo wrestled so much better than I thought he could -then Halsey through Varner but it was OB then Wise gave up a TD with 4 seconds left .
    GG is your typical arrogant russian wrestler -0-0 vs.Welch and he takes up to start the third -then puts him on his back then gives him a reversal with 2 seconds left -then did the same frigging thing with O'Conner .It is like he is bored out there -Burroughs may kill him out of frustration .
  13. Nice job by Umbehauer! He took Keddy down in regulation to take it to OT, then he rode Keddy out-not many people do that. Then he took Keddy down in the last part of OT1!

    Hey I'm not pissed at you or any.
  14. Hippie ,
    I am sorry for being such a jack ass the last 24 hours but Zapp pissed me off -I made him the offer -then he not only vetoed that but brought you in to play on my emotions -now that things have calmed down answer me this -would you trade Metcalf -for Brown,Reader and Herbst ? No. Then to have him veto a trade between 2 equal wrestlers for some rule that does not exist was just maliciousness and pettiness on his part . Did you use all the wrestlers in that trade we made the same week ? NO.I could name a dozen trades where that happened including trades I made with Zapp .
    I hope your root canal is not too painful and hope that we may remain friends -that will be your call-as for Zapp i tried to put him on my 'ignore'' list but he is a moderator so I couldn't . but I can sure as hell ignore him .
  15. Kinda blow job for Hcutt-he shot about 7 times and gave up a TD in the 2nd with 1 second left -I've been reading it on intermat all day . If i lose to Zapp it will be because of that trade he blocked -no other reason we are neck and neck now -but Brown is now out of the tourney -my only one out .
    I offered hm a deal for Metcalf and he counters with a BS deal that weakens you. me and strengthens him -I got a 141 who is still alive -opposed to cleveland who got stuck twice -Terry , the #5 ranked 149 in the country and GG -who I think is going to win 157 .
    Anyway -what do you expect from a pig but a grunt ? UM has no chance -as does anyone else at 84 not named Herbert .
  16. This round will be the battle of my two 184s--I wonder who will pull it out. They both majored their opponents in the last round, so it could be pretty close
  17. Nothing personal about me being happy for Marble -he has had a very sad life for one so young -a lot of losses that have nothing to do with wrestling .
  18. Gold -
    Who would you take for Herbst ? I have very little to offer as I traded away the farm for Metcalf . I am using Brown at 65 as my flex and he should get through as he has Zeerip and Rendos -whom he has already beaten -or I could trade you Baker and Brown for Kennedy and Herbst -we only have a few hours to work things out .
  19. Hippie -good to see you back after your hiatus -we can trade now -I feel guilty after hanging on to Trevor all year but that is who-along with Hamrah -I had to give up to get Dwyer . Baker's seeds are nearly identical to last years -a decent kid then Rug -who he beat last year .then lost to the champion -Lashaway may have an easier go of things at first than Jaggers -Jaggers /Naumann should be a hell of a match .
  20. I'm checking out until tourney time. Talk to you then.
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