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  1. Google schmoogle -my # is 317-563-1668-I tried to text and call you but the thingie and I are at odds -I may rip my computer apart -I do everything it says to do and NOTHING happens .newfangled gadgetry --I remember walking uphill to school both ways in the dead of winter shooting wolverines as I trekked forward ...
  2. Hey Russ, I told Scott both of those guys were gone, so he said just to pick a good 174 to end it.

    I have Duke Burk as the highest left on my big board, but you probably know someone out there that I'm not even thinking of, so I'll leave it to you to make a good pick for him if you don't mind.


  3. that google thingie showed up and I spent forever setting it up but I still can't make LD calls .
  4. Ben ,
    What a difference a few hours sleep makes -that plus 3 guys thanked me and LoSt sent me a gift -ACC is biting at the bit .Thanks for putting up with my whining .Russ
  5. Gold ,
    I am DONE-Rd wants Desi Green and Thaxton -Everhart hwt Iu -I know you appreciate what little I did but can't sit here any longer -plus I am facing Double Secret probation or exile from that incident and JensenS says I am not in this league and have no business being here -I made about 50 picks for people-I sure as hell didn't picl mElohim Palmer -the ACC is full of hwt s.
    Good bye and good luck-this is the only site I enjoy -take this away and my home and why continue ?? Thank you for everything .Russ
  6. I believe accboy is up.
  7. 19 picks left -
  8. board is up to date -I thought about putting all the weight classes to avoid confusion these last rounds but too much typing .Rd and Thaxton are gonna give you a run -as is ACC.
  9. RD is up
  10. The Board is updated through the 7th pick of round 13 .
  11. you ara up.
  12. I also picked from a list RD sent me -the rick is up.
  13. Don't know him, Don't want to know him -where all that started from I have no idea-hell-never heard of him before this league .
  14. I texted RD, he said he'd need a few.

    I just assumed you and UGLY knew each other pretty well by the way you were talking.
  15. Thaxton and RD 149 picked and I updated the BOARD .therick is up. UGLY PM'd me a few times last night -but no big deal .
  16. thaxton is up
  17. I did. I thought you were him for a minute but then remembered you arent
  18. yopu may want to calll therick as I ain't him -
  19. therick is up
  20. I sense a LoSt meltdown coming as I/we just heard Caputo won't wrestle first semester .he has no 125 or 184 .
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