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  1. All duals and whatever tourneys are listed there... I'll think about the trade. My initial reaction is no, but I'll think about it.
  2. Ben ,
    Thaxton can trade you Diaz and Mason for Mangrum and Scott . I'll tell him about it later .
  3. Gold,
    So the Mizzou Open is the only difference ? ALL duals and those tournaments posted .Right ? This guy is a Sgt. and I don't wanmt him coming home and kicking my tired old ass .Russ
  4. I believe they are the same as JensenS. Yes, they are listed in the rules.
  5. Ben ,
    Did you ever post which tournaments you are scoring ?? I have Thaxton's line-ups for the year and he wants me to plug in the better wrestler that week . are you scoring ALL or the same as JensenS'?? Russ
  6. Ben ,
    Let me know if you are serious about trading Scott .
  7. Edinboro redshirted Gillespie just so they would have that 149 spot for Scott-this has been known for a long time or I would have drafted Scott at 141 -I don't know why Scoot keeps getting kicked out of school , I really don't , but IMO , he has no right to complain when the Edinboro coach went out on a limb for him .
    I wish you would have asked me -I would have told you he was going 149 . mangrum lost one match in high school -to Kelly Kubec -but Kubec did not tear up the league and 141 in the Pac 10 is tough-Novachov,Nacita ,Drouin ,Levi Jones and Mangrum -if not Jones then the Boise State kid who RS'd last year . If you remember I picked Mangrum last year and they Red shirted him .
    Thaxton said he would trade teams but I doubt JensenS would go for it -Thaxton sent me a graph of his roster/schedule and I gues he wants me to pick his starters .
  8. In our matchup, you used a couple of people who aren't on my team. I posted about this. I also think Vallimont will pass M*, but he's got to prove that first. If Garrett Scott wasn't moving up, the dual would be mine. He is moving up, though. I have GREAT backups at 149 and 197, but I'll have to make some moves to improve at 125 and 141. Possibly 184 as well.

    You did a good job drafting for thaxton, though.
  9. Ben,
    Just ran your team against Thaxton's and it was ugly . Against RD-149 you had Varner pinning Starks -Starks worked his way up to #9 in the rankings last year and got hurt then came back and was ranked 18th then dropped to 20th without losing a match-he has won his last 16 matches but had to Med DFT to Simaz -who he had beaten earlier -in the EIWA finals and missed the NCAA's -he was 33-6 last year . 2nd at Oklahoma gold and 2nd at Body bar and 2nd at CK-I have him on my team and look for an AA out of him .JensenS had him in the rd of 12. I took him over Lapotsky #6-because Lapotsky is a prick . I'll explain later .Russ
  10. OK-I am here if you need me for anything -with your classload I do NOT want you fucking up now and jacking off any credits -I was thinking the other day -I had a full ride but college credits were only like $40.00 an hour in the late 70's . I really don't see how parents can send their kids to school . Can you imagine the price of a colllege educated Catholic school girl ? Paying tuition for 12 years of Catholic schools and then paying for College ? Add in the tithe for the church and you have 4 mortgages .
  11. Ok I will ask them. Also, I don't mind looking up all the scores, so you won't have to worry about it. Mostly I just needed help with the Draft--you don't need to feel any pressure for anything else the rest of the season.
  12. I don't know enough about computers to send you the addy but it the Collegiate College scorebook-Zapp or JensenS can give you the exact addy -they compile the results of all matches during a weeks time .
  13. What is this notebook?
  14. Did you ever decide which tournaments to score ? I believe jensenS just uses the scorebook and then if there is a question he'd go to the home team's website as the home team is the official scorebook .
    You might want to ask the guys to put down only guys they are sure are wrestling that week . 12 line ups = 132 guys we have to look up each week .
  15. Yeah, even during the meat of the season that's going to suck. I'm trying to think of the most efficient way to do scoring--I'll keep you posted.

    By the way, if you drop someone for thaxton be sure to make an actual post in the thread. If you just put it on the list but don't make a new post, people can't see that there is something new in the thread.
  16. Ben ,
    All the guys are turning in their entire rosters knowing maybe one guy wrestles that week-I informed then that I was not going through every Div.1 team to see if they wrestled -they'l get a goose egg from me and then have to prove their guy wrestled -Herk stated he knows only 2 guys are wrestling next week but put his entire team down 'just in case''-JUST IN CASE what -that I am retarded enough to check all Div.1 ?? Later in the season when everyone is wrestling , ok , but if you know 9 out of 11 aren't then damned if I am going to check all eleven . Russ
  17. Ben ,
    I e-mailed the AD at Edinboro and he said that Scot is wrestling 149 this year , not 141 .
  18. Ben ,
    I was going to add/drop a guy but then thought Thaxton should be notified first -I went back and deleted the post .
  19. I have not talked to thaxton. If he doesn't like his team, I'll give him your offer.
  20. Ben ,
    Was Thaxton happy with his team ?? If not , he can have mine in the other league and I'll play his .SERIOUSLY . I may have stepped into a big old bear trap as people are rejecting trades that I offer and then pray they don't acccept them .
    I feel about as home over there as a black man at a Klan rally .
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