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    Ben ,
    Why not ask the league what they think about extending this week until 1/1? That way you don't have to repost and all the Major tournaments are covered . save you a lot of work .
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    Damn hippie -your team doesn't suck-they just don't score points
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    Greek men are well documented heart breakers and seducers of the young -I talked Goph into NOT dropping him at the Supp-I think he is going to pick up Ben Steinstrangler of CMU-jest -LARA is a fascinating kid -and Oregon State wrestles no one a bunch of times -he is ranked 23 although he majored Barteli from Boise ?? Really,you NEED to trade away that Russian while he has some value -when /if TNICK returns I am sure you can get Morrill cheap.#7 and a great schedule . But you CANNOT afford to wait IMO-the Scuffle and the Midlands are HUGE-you need one yesterday . OSU doesn't go so ..Patterson was 156-3 in high school and his first dual out of RS beat Notte . I may pick Zeerip up as a back up-he is wrestling well at 74 .
    By the way , the reason I placed 4th was I got pissed and traded guys away just to beat Zapp-Metcalf and Ness to tF .
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    Wiltz ,a guy on our side and a man I respect told me the DREXEL coach had e-mailed him and said Mytych was going to 125 . Why not PM him ?? One commish to another ??
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    Ben ,
    You realize you do NOT have a 125? I have no idea when Bonano will return . Time to come off one of those 197's or pick up LARA from Oregon State . Great schedule and a pinner .
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    Thank you o' wise and Noble one ,
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    A trade needs your approval .
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    Nothing -stupid shrinks released my sister-I was hoping for a months lock down ward for her -she needs to get clean or DIE-but she won't .When she got home my brother -in-law had thrown ALL her pills and booze away so she took off walking -he called me to go get her and I said no thanx-I don't know if you have ever had the pleasure of confronting a drug addict / Drunk but it is not that glamorous -especially when they are going through the SHAKES .
    I've done it my whole life -I can barely get through the day myself and she will scream POLICE as She has had me and her husband arrested -not to sound overly callous but I can't do it anymore .
    My mom should have been spayed like an unwanted cat .
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    hi hippie.
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    Excellent points -if they don't care enuff to help out a tiny bit -F em - Some days I wish my mom woulda been and somedays not -been taking it day by day for awhile now and the glamor is fading -gut home from the hospital a few minutes ago and there was a UPS sticker on my door -from VIRGINIA-25 years ago I would have been excited at the possibilities -now I wonder what new hell this is ,and even that is only partly true,I don't care what it is -since I know no one in VA what good could it be ? A l;etter from the Govt. taking away all my benefits ? So what ?
    I never thought EVER that I would be totally void of HOPE. Tis a sad , morose feeling ...ATTACK ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE FULL THROTTLE WHILE YOU ARE YOUNG BEN .
    never lose hope .russ
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    I figured out the Med def /Inj/def -you just put down THAT each were worth 6 points .Just a typo .
    Last year we each argued with Zapp over the fft rule -it would save you a lot of time if you just counted them all as 6 like the NCAA does -just tell everyone after 1/1/10 ALL ffts of all kind count 6 -or not -just easier to tally and a ot quicker and actually the rules . I started to taly some scores but -if they won't put where and who they wrestle i refuse -it's not that much harder but it pisses me off to look it up and the guy has NO matches .Scott,Acc and Rd are about the only ones still not getting with the program .
    My sister is up and moving today -I am in a pretty good mood -I thought she was a goner . Later russ
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    My sister is in a lockdown ward but better . Thanx for listening .
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    Hey Gold, do i get points for Dennis' back-up at the UNI Dual? If so Nate Moore gets me 6 more.
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    Ben ,
    Updated a few things today -Awoke to find a trade offer which I jumped on and now all hell is breaking lose .Strange -I tried for the last 2 weeks and then BAM-of course LoSt is bitching so much it will probably get canceled .I did a waiver for Scot as he Pm'd me cuz he knows less about computers than me and I didn't want to set him out in front of everyone . Just read that stuff below -I usually don't talk about that -but my mom was on a sterilization list in the 50's until the ACLU came along -I wish they would have sterilized her . All i do is take up space .russ
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    Ben ,
    Been at the hospital allday as my kid sister OD'd -my mom was on the Indiana Euthanasia list -where they decided Paranoid schizos should not have kids -they were right . Hitler did not come up with Racial Hygiene -Rockefeller did .And many an inbred rich bastard before him . You can look it up if you ever get any spare time -Rockefeller and Prescott Bush were all Nazis and broke the neutrality act by building oil refineries in Germany during WW2 and laundering money .
    On the other hand JensenS talked me into staying since I can't hand off my wrestlers to whom I want i might as well -I'll prove you can win w/out being a total dick .(LoSt.)
    I took the liberty of cleaning up some stuff on your board as I know you are busy at school .
    Been a long day at the Hospital -Cindy gave it a hell of an effort this time , a bottle of percocet ,Vicodin and Xanax -she was comatose until about 7 PM .
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    I was going to ask who yopu were rooting for with Mac and Mangrum going head to head but see you lost Mangrum -moot point now .
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    I've been trying for 2 weeks to get a solid backup at 184 and offered Grips his choice of a first round supplemental pick and any back up for Caputo-turned me down flat -then trades to another guy for a second rd. pick and blah -i'll be so glad when the supp is over so I can quit .
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    You should have picked up some of those IU guys then dumped them after the FITE duals this week-Young has scored me 76 points with 15 wins -over 5 points per match average -and he actually has wrestled ranked guys -Esco ripped through a pretty tough field at CK-I hope he is close to 100%-I was reading the BLOG and everyone was shocked when angel choice down -I loved it -take away a man's strong suit -show him you KNOW he can't hold or tilt you !! Worked too.
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    HOW are you nearly 100 points behind a rookie ??
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    P.S.-as I hope you remember -THERE exists no rule where you cannot exchange a wrestler for a free agent pick-or as we did last year -you made the pick then I traded you .Look at Rutger's schedule .
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