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    possibly I'll get back to you on that
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    OK-you have the 5th rankes 184 in the nation -So WHAT ? he got stuck by Herbert in the 1st .Unload your best 184 pounder -that way it makes Zapp feel good about the fasct that he is giving up Chandler -Honeycutt will win the rest of his matches and Um might -we'll know this weekend -if you offer Zapp Honeycutt he will counter with welch .Tell him the his 84 pounder is a flake and you have the 5th ranked that you will trade for Chandler .
    Play on Zapp's ego-he needs the best you offer him the 12th seeded kid and he won't take it -you offer him #5 for Chandler and he'll take that -Is Um going to win the NCAAs? NO-is he going to win his conference ?maybe -Honeycutt definitely will win his -so you have a real good 184 conference champ and you have Chandler for UM-if Chandler gets hot he might win it . If I know Zapp he's probably on now -so PM him and offer him UM for Chandler .
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    Calm down -I have an outside chance of catching Accboy /SGallan-of those 29 matches 3 of them came from you and I truly appreciate that . But I did give you Halsey for him . the matches will balance out that was the thing I was trying to tell you about ranking -ok -so you get a guy who is ranked 25th-if he has 20 more nmatches against wusses then you are better off .
    4 of those matches are to a hwt named Marone -he was a superstar 189 in high school then went 8-1 at 197 then the coach bumped him to hwt .He's good -not fantasy good but those 4 matches came at a time Massey had zero.
    For your help here is a little wisdom -Herbert is going to win 184 -he may be as much a lock as Metcalf -so see what Zapp has at 57 and don't lowball him with Honeycutt -honeycutt will win his division and get you those bonus points -offer him Um for Chandler or whomever.
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    You overlooked Young -I know he's only ranked 23rd but..he has wins over Headlee-Pittsburgh-Oregon state NWestern and DeBerry ASU-losses are to Rendos ,Manuel Stewart,Howe,Reader 1 point to Reader 2 to Howe 2 to Rendos 4 to Manuel and 7 to Stewart -Colt needs to get over confident once and that #2 seed goes out the window--does he wrestle glasser at Minn ?or Mstar at Iowa ?-there you go.
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    I know you are over 100 points ahead of me but this week-if CMU wrestles Miller and Porter twice -which I doubt -you have 10 matches -I have 29 and we meet up at 84 .That noise you hear is an old fat man catching up to you -the big wobbly thing you'll see next week will be my ass as I pass you by .hahahaha
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    I forgot Morningstar as I'm so used to him being at 57 .
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    65 in the big 10 is a bitch -Howe barely beat Young from IU 8-6 and young was leading the last 30 seconds -Glasser is a bull . Manuel from Purdue can beat anyone , Smith whatever beat Colt last year and is a Bull , Kendle aMSU has been ranked as high as 15th. Morelli-sp from NW is decent Cheerip sucks as does Friedl fromPSU-I saw you were going after Vallimont -mistake-the kid is not as good as his ranking and he has real weight issues -I hate IU -until they lose Goldman-but Young is for real and has 20+ wins -on any day Howe , Sponselor ,Young ,Illinois,and Glasser and Manuel could beat each other -at the Midlands Young lost to Reader 7-6-then pinned 3 kids then lost to stewart 9-2 .I traded Howe and kept Stewart because Stewart is TOUGH and will walk through the MAC giving me 16 bonus points -there are 7 top 25 kids at 65 .
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    I was joking below but now I'm being serious -Last few years I've done Volunteer work at Hospices for AIDS patients -when their hair goes they wear do rags -Jaggers -in the photo you posted -looks exactly like some end stage guys I worked with . There is topugh and there is stupid -Jaggers has crossed the line -10 years from now -after his 3rd or 4th surgery on his ankle and after his thyroid shuts down-as mine did-he'll look back and wish he'd gone 49 .
    You know i was a coach and all that but I would NEVER let a kid make the cut Jaggers is making -they should have red shirted Johnstone and had Palmer at 57 and Jaggers at 49 and Hump at 41 . I am 51 years old -the stuff Jaggers is going through is too much-I wonder how many times he passes out a week ? This is what I hate about our sport -the long term damage .
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    Since my 65 can't get to Colt and rip his head off I traded for one who can -Roger Smith whatever will kill Colt -just as he did last year -my 65 -Stewart -is going to walk through the MAC-yours will finish between 3-7th in the big 10 . hahahaha. OSU sucks
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    Do you realize every 197 and 184 on your roster were mine at one time this season ? I've been juggling knives trying to get this thing to work-every time i think I turn the corner something happens -Trotman disappeared and Goldman refuses to wrestle Kinser so there's 25-30 matches .
    Look over my line up and see idf there is a back up you could use as I need a 65 lber to back up stewart -he'll miss a week or so . Since you have Chriswell and Halsey and Umbehauer and Honeycutt I think you should give them back as I did for Zapp -- you have 5 drafts left -take Orozco and drop him and pick up Keegan Mueller for me 165 North Carolina .
    If not , that's OK too.
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    Umm why are we looking at each others line up ? DEAL ......
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    141 Cleveland
    174 -Henrich
    197 -Byers
    hwt -Massey
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    I'm just trying to find someone to take one of my backups to draft me a back up 65 to Stewart .
    May I ask you a question ? How many points did you score last week ? I scored 81 .
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    Man -some people are treating me like a retard for trading Dennis -I just wanted to trade and have some fun and I looked at Ness' schedule and it's weaker than Dennis' and he'll get more falls -plus 2 more matches and he'll get at least 5 falls . And he hasn't been getting blown out plus -this was the real reason -there will be another wrestle off between Dennis and Slaton -Dennis loses and thats it for me .
    I'm trying to move Orozco for a 65 lber as Stewart will have a week off and I can't find anyone -one guy said he would but...that one guy actually hAd the nerve to tell me he wanted to wait a week then assess his lineup-I've been helping this kid and he's beating me but so what ? And now he wants to act like a woman ? he's on his own -i've made his lineup out for him most of the year .
    You wanna trade anyone ?
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    Tigerfan finally answered and said he's keeping Sentes as his flex for the tourney -Ineed a backup for Stewart so I am trying to trade for Glasser and he won't do that -he is under the delusion that when I offered him Ruschell for Brown it was an open offer -he said no so no way . I hate people who think they can out you on hold -he helped me with a trade but I am no mans slave -telling me that if ruschell keeps improving he'll trade Brown to me -like Hell.
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    I can't trade Hall-Ruschell and Clark for Fio and Metcalf.
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    I wanna trade dammit -I'll give you Hall and Ruschell for Metcalf and Johnstone .
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    My 174 lber is 23-1 and ranked 10th-Dergo from Ill lost to Brennar last week and is ranked 9th and Brennar dropped to#18 . Who are these clowns ?
    Herbst gets majored by chriswelland only beats Kuhn from IU-a walk on hwt who cut down to 97 5-0 and is ranked 3rd -these things piss me off too much .
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    I just came back over here to tell you about the new rankings -157 is a joke -sanderson lost 2-3 matches as did Chandler and Vallimont misses weight but doesn't drop ?
    I'd pay to see Umbehauer wrestle Patterson this week -I hope Josh sticks the retard . Fio moved to 11 and Tyler Clark goes unbeaten and moves down a spot -intermat rankings suck-they still have Andre Hernandez ranked at 141 and Tanelli majored his punk ass . Setewart wins 4 matches -3 of them over top 20 guys and doesn't budge from 10th at 65 .
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    ????????? I likes to trade.............................
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