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    Yeah -I straightened it out with Zapp-zapp wants me to work a 3 way to get him a -Smith a-Kilgore -or a suer fire 184 AA -the last time I dealt with SGallan he damn near stroked out on me and Champkind has vehmently rejected all offers for Dustin .He says Patterson won't do and Patterson beat UM-you might want to try to sell him UM-I might be able to get Poeta but the price is steep!!! If I were able to get Poeta what would you be willing to give up ?
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    What is screwed up here is RD had said he would pick up a hwt for me on a trade -now he's going to be shitty and not pick him up-Had I not alerted him to the Williams thing he could have been suspended -now I'm going to look like the bad guy -and I've done nothing wrong !!!
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    The same Frigging way he picked up Williams from ODU off Va is for lovers until I called him and Z on it -see -Champkind is supposed to take care of that stuff and he left Zapp holding the bag -I just PM'd Zapp about my trade -I'd alerted him earlier but I told him NEVER was WISE on the roster wire , so my trade is valid .
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    Alot of p[eople have been saying I was stupid for giving yp Massey for an unknown 125 lber -well , fat ass hwt 's are a dime a dozen -in fact I've already replaced him with John Wise from Ill. But how many unknowns are 28-4 with all but 6 wins coming by Tech, major or fall ? Massey had picked me up 30 odd points -I don't know what is going to happen but I alerted Zapp and RD149 that Wise was on Arch's schedule yet he -Zapp-let RD have him -well I say BS-I traded away a good heavy for him -Marone -to Arch -in fact I traded Bonilla bowman and Marone for Saf and Wise -my 2 back ups for his 2 back ups -I do everything legit and aboveboard-do you know anyone I've screwed over ? I offered to take Chriswell back from you and I checked on Halsey's status as well as UM's-plus I told you about Fio when you asked and he got you 9 points -I really didn't think he'd stick Robles but he did -EVERYTHING I DO I DO IN DAYLIGHT-that way there can be no questions .
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    You are correct that Colt does have an incredibly high # of TDs @106 -I know of no source that keeps track of TD's and such less it be the individuals school . THAT is alot of TD's . Check the VATech site -Garret cuts alot to get more points as does Sanders from Minnesota . Just check the studs you think would have a high #-106 is outrageous .
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    Gold -what is the problem roadie ? I just read your post and I might be able to track it down for you .
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    I was just kidding about the cash thing -I am tired -picked up a reserve 57 and a hwt -Saf from Minn and Wise from Ill. -I am through for the day .
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    I guess I could give you Stewart and Sentes for Sponsellor and might have to throw in some cash.....
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    Nah -probably got his ass kicked by his brothers after he got stuck -that type of reinforcement will stop you from getting stuck .
    Here in Indiana we have another little T-shirt and he's a freshman ranked in the top 5 at 125 . Stuff gets in the blood -I need a good heavy now and have some feelers out -the one I want is Porter -not yours -the one from Gardner Webb -an over weight 197 who won 29 matches last year --So tired of watching heavies with giant titties -That's why i picked Marone up a few weeks ago-tougher than nails -weighs about 210 and benches 400 -but he is a wrestler . not some porker in a singlet .
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    No--I'm just saying he might not get stuck or teched -he'll lose . Maybe 12-2 -tough to pin .
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    The more I look at Rug's career the more impressed I become -he has won 69 matches his first 2 years -excluding his wins this year -31 his freshman then 38 last year -I'll have to ome up with some sort of package -I'm not sure about losing Sentes -the other kid has 29 wins already with a dozen matches left and they are both true freshmen-I need a hwt and a back up 57 -i wouldn't want a 141 from the big ten -5-3 could be conference champion going in to the tournament . Let me know what or who you are willing to lose and we'll pull off a 7 way trade just for fun !!!
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    Little Gillespie 'only ' lost to Caldwell 10-7 -and Fagiano is their 197 lber -i'll check on the losses by Rug -I know one was to Deubel from Edindoro. Someone from Lindenwood -the man has 15 falls at 133 -that is unheard of .
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    Little Gillespie 'only ' lost to Caldwell 10-7 -and Fagiano is their 197 lber -i'll check on the losses by Rug -I know one was to Deubel from Edindoro.
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    You realize that Lou Rug whatever pinned eveyone in the 1st at the CAA's -including Hutter -a real good 133 -Bonano won 3 -losing to Nicholson -Jbb lost to Vallimont eralier 12-8 174 -Lucas is the strongest 174 in the country -he'll beat Rella 3-1 Fagiano will beat Gardener Sponellor will be shown for the poser he is . GO PRIDE .
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    Sentes for sale-step right up-I have Sentes for sale
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    what do you mean ''Working '' people-I merely present a proposal-Just traded away Massey for Garnett-that will take place this week -and then I traded Ruschell and Clark for Brown and Sentes . I don't know what my line up will look like .
    Seems I recall someone saying they would like to have Sentes -can't remember who though....I'm sure that whoever it was would contact me about maybe picking up someone or trading -I only scored 91 points last week-2 fft.s and a snow out .
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    Got to thinking about the match with Hofstra -OSU doesn't match up that well -Bonnano is 20-8,Rug,19-2,Accordino 15-8,Gilespie 12-8 ,Bon bowman -16-6 ,Pav14-3,Lucas 16-3,Clymer 13-6 ,Fagiano-12-5 and Enck is 12-11--125,33,57,74,97 could go either way -it should be fun .
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    I feel like doing some trading -wake up-freakin' college hippie sleeping all day -how about Ruschell and Clark for Metcalf and Fio ?
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    He has a better chance to AA than Johnstine -if you want to go ahead and et Vallimont or whomever that's fine -The confernce is going to be hard on Johnstone . Kinser is back and has already beaten him,Saf ,Poeta,Vallimont and I think Welch will beat him . Plus he has to wrestle Bonilla bowman the 25th -and JBB is capable of beating anyone -he beat Becker from IU last year in the first round of the NCAA's and lost to Vallimont 12-8 -he was injured earlier in the season and lost a cople of silly matches but has won 8 of his last 9 -losing to Gillespie at the scuffle .
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    I looked back over all your transactions and decided you do not want a 157 lber -you had Dragon and gave him up for Moore then gave him up for Geisen -whom you've dropped twice -I believe Dragon and Moore are still available and if you pick him up quickly -Jesse Dong has 4 matches next week- Dragon is 19-3 so I don't know what his ranking is but 19 wins is alot at 157 .
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