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    You won't me to try and back you up on getting your line up in ? Chriswell doesn't have any matches and Triggas may lose both his .
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    OSU has a hell of a team but I watched the Iowa match last night and they are getting better -141 ? 49 Palmer split with Ptax and Bubba last year -He didn't do too well against Caldwell and Metcalf is king there -you must see something in Johnstone that I don't -JBB treated him like a little boy -and he is 17-6-I looked up your schedule and -don't take this the wrong way -but Triggos might not win another match-he has to wrestle Esco-Sanders-Pataky-Efen-Watts Futrell-Precin-and he should beat the Wisconsin kid -he might be the Purdue kid too-so you are looking aty 2-6 in the big 10-that loss to Bonono hurt his power rankings or whatever they're using this year .With Vallimont moving up I see Johnstone going 4-4, 3-5 -Welch may beat him because he is touher than nails Kinser ,Saf,PoetaJohnson dunno -I would love to see the Hump win it all -his dad and I were friends when he was at IU and when Hump was at Lawrence North .
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    I don't know how to feel about Hump-he's been so good for so long but never broke through the final barrier-Also, albeit that throw was spectacular -Hump knows that he could have been disqualified for that -all Rug had to say was ''ow -my back hurts '' and the match is over -I hope he wins out -33 is kinda tough tho--
    As an OSU fan -how do you feel about their ranking ? Morrison almost lost to Enck-a 197 pounder -Cody loses to a 184 lber and Bonono tilted Nikko at will in the third .Do you thnk Jaggers is all the way back ? Accordino is a frosh .
    I have to watch what I say -out commish likes to read my board and e-mail me .
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    Patterson has already thumped UM-Honeycutt will win his conference and has more matches left that is why you keep him instead of UM-fxx the rankings -Honeycutt has -I think 8 matches left and will win his conference -thats 16 bonus plus he wrestles pussies the rest of the year . Chandler is ranked 3rd or 4th in his conference .
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    I'm sorry if I sounded like a bitch but this shit is ridiculous -why would these people come down on me ? One thing though -Brown is ranked 8th at 149 -and he is a shoo-in to win the MAC and he has a bunch 7-8 matches left -but Barnes is wrestling a triple with 3 guys he has majored and he has majored everyone in the Pac 10-you may be right that Palmer may beat Brown or Barnes -but will he beat Metcalf -no.Arch had zero 149 lbers -I gave him the 8th ranked -Brown , JBB and Saf -then I traded and got himPolkowske from N. Colarodo-he'll win that conference so he sent me back Brown -Marone went 1-3 this weekend and lost by 3 points -but he stil lost -he weighs 215 on a good day . I know you are an OSU fan -but Palmer will lose at least 3 matches in the big 10-Bubba , Ptax,Rushcell,Metcalf-why not take a guy from another conference who will go unbeaten and win the conference ?
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    I have always been fair in all my dealings -then our commish sends me an e-mail saying how shitty he was at me for talking bad about him-I told him I defended him once and that I do think he is arrogant to change the rules of Wrestling -he blew me a bunch of shit -then I ask a person to get me a hwt and to trust me to do RIGHT-he drafts him and put him in his line up then demanded his choice of my wrestlers for him -so I'm having a bad day when I come across a comment you made about how my getting Poeta was a great deal-you didn't know that that was the third part in an extravagant trade with Arch...then you offer Metcalf and Honeycutt for the 9th ranked 157 and the 4th ranked 149 -I believe you offered me Halsey -a man with 4 matches left for Hall-a bit of an inequity there -I am done trading . Period .
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    Thanks for your roster, it should be correct now.
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    Why would you upset me? If you prefer to trade with r.payton, that's up to you.
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    Aren't you glad I said something about Vallimont -Knew he was going up-just couldn't hold his mud anymore ...that or stay a weak pussy at 57.
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    LOL, I see you've got two people competing, huh? Just let me know, buddy.
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    I'm still holding Hall for you -i just don't want you upset with me -we can work something out -would you be willing to trade one and draft one ? I really don't want to butt into your and Zapp's arrangement but think carefully .
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    Alright, I'm down for that trade, Gold. If you're sold on it, go ahead and post it on the board.
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    Gold, that is a real possibility for that trade to go down...give me a few minutes to think it over?
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    Gold -still have Hall and I do't have Ruschell but I have Brown -the 8th seeded 149'
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    I see you're at least willing to trade Metcalf. What do you think about a Lance Palmer-Jason Welch 2 for 1?
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    Gold -I have turned down 2 top 197's because I know you want and need Hall-I could have Herbst for him -but I wanted to wait and see what you'd say . Give it a day or so-I could also have M*but I am holding him for you -and Byers may lose his conference to Opplinger from Drexel.
    I'll hold Hall a few days because you've been a good ally and friend . But you have to remember that I am in 8th place and running out of time .
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    I was thinking one Boise State guy for another .
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    Man -I hate this league-I asked an individual do make a trade -he would draft A and I would give him B-so he drafts A, sticks him in his starting line up and then tries to dictate terms to me . Saying he wants C or D . He can keep A and never expect anything but animosity from me from now on .
    I understand the nature of the beast but you do not like to see this crap on a wrestling site . Especially from someone whom you've helped .
    That being said I thought you would get back to me about a trade . Something mutually beneficial w/out either of us getting harmed and hopefully benefitting from it .
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    I'll check with tigerfan -he'll ok it if i offer him Poeta if G gets hurt:
    125 Sentes and Garnett
    133 Ness
    141 Cleveland and Accordino
    149 Barnes -24-4-underated at #17
    157 Hall and Poeta
    165 Stewart and Smith bersgstrum
    174 Henrich 25-1
    184 Patterson 27-4
    197 Byers 20-2
    Hwt Wise 15-4and Marone 21 -8
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    Just spent a fortune on him but I have Poeta hd to give up Saf #16 and Brown #8 for him and Marone -that unranked heavy I had for a week . Now I'm stuck with one 149 lber and will be ffting some matches . I might have to trade Hall before I trade Poeta as he wrestles 4 more matches . I have a bad feeling about this trade . Just seems wrong -I even went back to delete it but I couldn't after it had been posted
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