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    Kody Hamrah -NC Stae 24 -7 ranked 1st in ACC.
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    I was wrong -Halsey didn't show up. As for the ''sneaking '' shit I was just kiddin g -try Hanrah -sp-out of the ACC -Erisman will be so beat up coming out of the big 12 he'll be stupified .I'll get the guys naME FOR YOU .
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    Hump is one of the more down to earth people you'll ever meet -you should have said hi-then he would have talked your frigging ears off -I see you ''might'' change 57 lbers -you sneaking around on me ? IU lost because Kinser's guy was warned for stalling but they would not call it so he cut him and took him down then lost on riding time 7-6-Powless got beat 9-4 buit he gave Todd hell-Todd caled an injury time and Powless came back and went after that knee like it was a piece of pussy . The guys were typing in WILD scrambles and things like that -go to intrmat and look up the scores and check -VIEW-next to 133 -Ortega may have been screwed . IU is 3-4 points from being unbeaten in the big 10...
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    Gold -this is what I meant about Hump-he should be a NCAA champion by now -his potential is unlimited -i gave up onn him when he left Indiana -his dad knows how TOXIC Goldman is -but he and Angel working out every day ? IF Hump would have stayed home and T-shirt -IU would send out Escobedo ,Hump and Tshirt -just watched CAL STATE BAKERSFIELD and Oregon State -Halsey got a fft.
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    Gold-got bored last night and felt bad for Tigerfan so I traded him Ness for Bell-actually I was just bored . I LIKES to trade
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    Gold-I might be able to get you Scott Winston -Don't give me any crap about how he is rated 13th-he is a true freshman and is 32-6 -let me know -what you would part with etc. or if you are even interested -Dragon didn't wrestle and JBB had 2 majors today to go to 19-6 unranked 2 weeks ago and now he is 15th gonna go to 12 .Plus he will win the ACC-you have seen him wrestle -every year he turns on about this time -the kid is an AA prospect .
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    Matt powless won the 184 wrestle off and could easily make 174 and he nearly majored Cody -I thought Powless wouldn't win a match at 97 and he's 2-0-Rella won the match in the final seconds or you lose -Everhart was injured last year and his record was 6-10 -he is now 18-19-11-he was the varsity 197 until Fagiano took his spot .I believe I predicted the match would come down to bonus points .
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    I am weak at 165 -as far as a sure AA-that and 149 -I'll give you Hall and Brown for Metcalf -but you didn't want to do that -IU sucks and they came close to beating your school -Angel is not going to do shit this year .
    Ok -I made the best offer I could -I hope you know what you are doing -if they start wrestling Nemec you are screwed . Why didn't they wrestle Hump ? I have 2 guys who owe me and I could get you a decent 33 if Hump is hurt or a decent 57 .
    I really am just trying to help-I am in no position to give guys away or I would -remember -I offered you the #6 157 and the number 10 165 for Sponsellor .
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    This is the best I can do for you and it needs to be done quickly-if Nemec has beaten out Johnstone you'll get a bunch of zero's --this is a fair offer and it expires Sunday -Hall and Stewart for Sponsellor and Honeycutt -I hate to say this but the 7th place spot will go to Herkey -look at his line up-Falck,Fanthorpe ,Jantzen ,Leen ,Fay ,Luke and both 97 pounders will win their conferences -hwt might . if you are going to act -do it now cause you are out of time -you only had 13-4 matches and you lost 3 and ??-I scored 39 points today and have 13 matches tomorrow . Ness was my only loser .

    I am really trying to help you -I am not asking for Metcalf and I am giving you 2 confernce champions -one ranked #6 and one ranked #10-for Sponsellor and a guy I will not use .
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    You are in trouble son -did Nemec beat Johnstone out ? Where was Humphries ? Jaggers -sounded -like shit -2 stall points in the first ? Barely beating Hernadez ? Triggas got beat by a one armed man---Powless should be a 74 or 84 lber and he nearly majored Gardner .
    I have wrestlers -access to wrestlers and advice -and guys who owe me .
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    Gold- coming up Chriswell will have U C Davis -they fft'ed to Halsey -and the same weekend he has Feist -who is just weird -he's an over weight 174 lber wrestling 197 -he's beaten a lot of good opponents so if Halsey has matches thern you may want to use him . that is why I don't want a big man for Hall-they fft all the time out west .
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    Good call-I thought you had gone crazy there for a second -if HCutt is healthy we'll talk .
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    How about Hall and Brown for Metcalf and Honeycutt ? You are getting two conference champs -Hall is 26-3 and a legit contender and Brown is ranked 8th and NOT in the big 10 and will win out plus his conference . that is 2 confrence champs =32 points plus whatever else they get -you don't need a 25 pounder as Fio is now 9th but I'll throw in sentes for Fio-so ==Brown, Hall and Sentes for Metcalf ,Fio and Honeycutt .
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    The only hold up in my trading Hal to you is the health of Honeycutt -if you look where he med def out he then lost 9-3 to UM then beat 2 pussies 4-2 and 2-0 -The Clarion kid sucks so bad the IU guy majored him -I just can't afford to buy damaged goods right now -if he comes back kicking ass this week we'll know -you dont need Hall that quickly as surely Johnstone can beat the PSU and Purdue guys -they are horrible -one is the 2nd string 141 pounder and the other one doesn't have enough matches to appear on the Div 1 screen .
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    I'll get back to you on the Hall thing .
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    If you go to IU's homepage there is a picture of Everhart right after he beat PSU for the tie .
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    Everhart -he is about 230 of rock -he and Morrison can maybe have a match like Wise /Ericson had -Perry beat Wright last week at PSU and stuck Rella at the big 10s -that is why I asked if he is healthy -Colt won't major Young -IU might major at 25 and if Kinser hits it Johnstone is out -but 84 will crush IU and Gardner sucks -all these expectations -I never would have thought Powless -who should be at 74 or 84 would have a chance against him but he has looked squirelly lately -I think Hump can stick Ortega if he is agggessive -no on eever majors Kelly -he just never wins Palmer should dominate Walpole but he seems to have adopted an attitude of winning 7-1 is good enough -Nick does have 12 falls at 49 so you have to be careful there -Kinser beat JStone 6-4 at Vegas -but the word is out on Kurt -stay away from his tie ups -he had 18 falls as a freshman at 149 in the big 10 last year and 3 wins at the NCaa's -IU has already tied PSU so assholes job is secure.
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    Just noticed the Almd Mater wrestles tOSU Friday125 157,197,hwt -IU-165 ? and 74 ?133 ,41,49,84 tOSU-Perry and Young are coming off big wins -how well is Rella ? Young didn't get any credit for bwating Vallimont -the announcers kept saying he just moved up-Bullshit -that man missed weught at the nationals and right then the coach had him at 65 -so he had 2 weeks to get himself strong -he just got beat -and if he wasn't as good as he is Young had him stuck-he scored 1 point -I think Colt takes Young 5-4 -it'll come down to Bonus points .
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    Man . I have been beating my head trying to find a workable trade but you won't come off Sponsellor or Chriswell -Hall is going to win the Pac 10 and he only lost to Gillespie 1-0-then to Leen by as couple and to O'Conner by 1 -he's for real .
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    Nope -never will be -the man made a bad choice -instead of having his shoulder repaired over the summer he wrestled AAU and tried out for the Olympics -only lost to Cejudo-the Olympic champ by 2 points -but his shoulder got worse -not better -he wont make it out of the big 10'sit's a shame because his legacy could have been 4th 1st ,1st,1st,-he should stop wrestling NOW and petition for a med emergency -lke they gave Dolly from N Iowa-another Indiana boy -those matches he won 1-0 and 2-0 he could barely stand -I am now an expert on shoulders after the last 4 years of my life have been a miasma of pain -I waited too long -actually medicaid wouldn't pay for it-to have mine replaced . My surgeon said my shoulder was worse than some 90 year olds he'd operated on -I was 50 at the time -cut away all my rotator cuff and replaced the head with a new ball and socket . That is y I type so poorly -I am now basically lefthanded when I used to be right and the right is just useless .
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