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    Glad I didn't count on Cleveland -they wrestled some senior -it was SENIOR night -he won but it was the 6th career win -Cleveland stuck this kid once -the 6 points won't kill me .
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    In the CAA UM is guaranteed to wrestle 2 matches before the finals -so 6+6+12 =24 if he loses -they have one pigtail match and he could draw that . 6+6+3=15 +16=31 if he beats Josh .
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    Just read a 2000 word report of how Caponi ruined MOJO's season -39-4 to12-5 -no one can explain it -As a coach I always wrestled my best kids -never had this flex stuff but if my 155 was a stud he'd wrestle 167,77,85 -Caponi could beat spellman in 30 seconds or get majored by him .Um willl finish second at worst and probably pin whoever he wretles first round .
    If you go to Div 1 wrestling and press conference rankings or press 2008 results you can see the results from every conference -it comes in handy .
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    I don't understand yur wrestling Spellman over UM-Caponi has been injured most of the year but was 39-4 last season and has won the ACC 3 years in a row . This was only the second time Patterson has beaten Um in 3 years .Caponi was a beast last year and lord help whoever gets in his way when healthy . But it is your call.
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    I looked up last years results and it all depends on who gets the bye in the first round -the way this is run you want all the matches you can get -Brennar had 3 matches last year which is the most you can get -he was a better wrestler at 84 -he just kicked ass in that tourney -2 techs and beat honeycutt in the finals .
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    That last message makes little sense since i had to delete 1/2 of it .Anything over a 1000 characters you have to delete -I thought last weeks schedule was the last one otherwise I would have ran a different line up-just a bad week for college wrestling -when i sat here watching the scores on a bunch of IVY league rich kids and they just started ffting I couldn't belive it , that and the Herbert /Pucillo thing -college wrestling is dead .For those of us who love it and KNOW it it has changed so much over the last few decades -i.e.-Howe/Sponsellor -there would have been at least 2 stall warnings 15 years ago and that was considered an exciting match by todays standards -you once told me you thought Graf was smart for taking the red shirt -I say he is a punk-the sport has limited scholarships and he is taking 5 years ? Anyone who doesn't want to wrestle varsity from day one can wrestle elsewhere -the kid is good enough to maybe AA this year
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    You'll have to decide whether to wrestle Lashaway or Jaggers -I don't know what to think about Brennar -gotta remember he wrestled Edinboro's 3rd string 165 that last match and everyone beat the cleveland state 174 -the EWl is weak at 174 but I don't know if little Fendone can beat Brennar or not -in the Pac-10 you know you'll have the 1+2 guys -what's up with Fio ? FFt's in confernce -at least in high school seeding count as losses -I've never been in a situation where the coaches didn't seed the guys for tournaments -a lot of fights broke out -I mean smash mouth shit -no heavy arguing i'm talkimng mano a mano-I'm thinking of wrestling Brown instead of honeycutt -he'll get an extra match and Hcutt hasn't been getting any bonus -
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    Well hippie , it was a bad week for the titties -my team -scored 60 points -plus the points I'll get for cleveland mauling the VMI kid monday went 17-2 Kennedy and sentes lost . I think -I am sure that I got Accboy into the top 6 after conferences -I traded him my 2 125's for his one -they'll get him 50 points minimum plus he picked up beebe and Krom,Krom is unbeaten in the ACC as is Garnett -he should have conference finalists in every weight .
    Been a long season .
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    All the OSU recruits are tearing up their commitments and transferring to CMU or Kent State -they don't want to wrestle for ryan all of a sudden .Wonder why ?
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    Due to the legal ramifications they pretty much have to have you under contract -nature of the beast -but DESIRE to be there will make up for whatever mistakes you'll make at the beginning -TRUST me when I say you will take more away from the experience than the kids . if I didn't think I knew you well enough I would never suggest this -NEVER -this is something special for you and the guys you'll work with -I still remember when I was an asst and had to tell Timmy Imel that even tho he had won the wrestle offs at 90lbs he would have to go up because his teammate's parents were the head of the booster club . The coach I was working for and I stayed after that night and I damn near killed him on the mat -some stuff stays with you -good and bad .You have the right stuff hippie .Good Luck .
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    Hey hippie -go to bed !! I really meant what I said in that one post -School systems are dying for lay coaches -you could work with kids -coach wrestling and they pay you like 6-700 bucks at the end of the season for
    1-getting to work out
    2 do something you love
    3 make a difference in a young guys life .
    I never had a father around and I IDOLIZED my coaches -you could do that -I got a call from one of my ex wrestlers tonight -I listened to his problems -that is all most people want -he was bitching about losing $55,000.00 in the market -i didn't tell him I'd be living in my car soon -he has enough on his mind and ,quite frankly ,it is my problem . I felt so much better after talking to Rick -he was about 1/2 loaded and wanted me to go to the state tournament with him and a bunch of the guys Friday -I begged off -I do not have the $8 admission fee .
    Next year promise me you'll go out and be a lay coach and make a difference .PLEASE .
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    Now you know how I felt the first time I had Honeycutt and had to waive him and a week later he wins the Scuffle for you .I know I told you about Fio but he is in the big 12 and they only get -at best -2 matches and he'll have to wrestle Clark or Blanc -the rankings just suck-I gotta quit looking at those -at 141 Cleveland has majored Hoehn and Hoehn has lost to a NAIA kid and to D'Alie from CMU yet he remains #8-M* loses to Kendall and moved up . The Div 1 people do not have Cleveland wrestling Hoehn buit he did -Hoehn was majored by Cleveland and then lost to a NAIA kid whom Cleveland pinned -Cleveland beat Krom 10-4 and is rated below him -the kid is 19-6 -Sentes pins a ranked guy and beats another kid and drops ? Sentes was 213-3 in high school and as an 8th grader he wasn't allowed to score but he finished 2nd in the state 4x state champ and 1x runner up.
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    Just wanted to congratulate you on Nikko Trigas being named wrestler of the week in the big 10.
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    quit taking my pain meds pain meds I can't sleep very well but I am starting to think more clearly -still ,obviously , cannot type worth a damn as I hit the send key by mistake...last year -when I was a gung ho hoosier fan I was almost banned from the board for predicting Angel would take the GOLDEN golden gopher -NESS-I was correct but got death threats -seriously !!! Don't care enough about IU to post my predictions -but let us say Minn does not match up well with IU this year .
    I went to the OSU site and they said the 74 match was exciting with Dergo giving a great effort and also that Jaggers was in trouble when they called the fall-so give DAD a break -I am OLD-they also say Futrell took niko down twice quickly -I remember specifically saying if Futrell could stay away from Nikko ...Ill. shpould have red shirted that little guy -too small-weighed 111 walking around last year when he won the state at 112 -he will be a force next year .
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    Well hippie -I finally fell asleep for about 6 hours -of course it was in the middle of the day so I'll be prowling around this little place like a caged cougar all night -since I q
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    I found the coaches and the RPI but no gold ,silver etc,.,-example 125 -RPI-Garnett#8 Sentes #3 coaches #14 and #7 0the coaches I can see but the RPI are ridiculous -for 15 weight classes I scored a 122 the lowest being Barnes with a 32 -4 record @ 15.Fxx the rankings -I am going to wrestle both 133 lber's just because it sounds fun .I think Kennedy can win it and Baker can AA --or vise versa I can get you Winston at 57 for Lashaway -he's in that 14 team confernece so he might score more finishing fifth than Lashaway finishing first .
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    Where did tigerfan get those rankings ? I looked but found nothing saying GOLD SILVER etc -only the coaches rankings.
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    No problem -fifth turn down so far -I am trying -I like my guy to win his conference and then ??he got lucky and placed 8th last year -who knows . As long as he gets through the conference and I get those bonus points -I am cool.
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    I am just the middle man -let me know I can tell acc...
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    Guess who is back wanting my help ? He has either caramancia and Jones at 184 he is trying to trade for -you want car-for Lashaway ?or Jones for Car ? Jones started the year ranked in the top 6 and now is 15 -buit he is a pin master if you need a flex .
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