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    What did you think of HCutt beating Kilgore ?Jones had Herbst cradled up and nearly stuck when he got too high and pinned himself -according to intermat live blog .So far -before placement points -I have 94 with 9 guys still wrestling -should have flexed Barnes he has 3 majors and one loss . Little Baker keeps coming from behind to win -off the whistle he was thrown for 5 against Rug and had cut the lead to one when he tried some silly shit and got stuck-Ballsy kid .
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    Do you have any idea How we are scoring the placements ? Is it like the regular conferences where the first 2 score or does everyone score where they place ?
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    I do NOT know if I can sit at this computer watching /reading wrestling results anymore-Started envying you and your root canal. Caputo wrestled so much better than I thought he could -then Halsey through Varner but it was OB then Wise gave up a TD with 4 seconds left .
    GG is your typical arrogant russian wrestler -0-0 vs.Welch and he takes up to start the third -then puts him on his back then gives him a reversal with 2 seconds left -then did the same frigging thing with O'Conner .It is like he is bored out there -Burroughs may kill him out of frustration .
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    Hippie ,
    I am sorry for being such a jack ass the last 24 hours but Zapp pissed me off -I made him the offer -then he not only vetoed that but brought you in to play on my emotions -now that things have calmed down answer me this -would you trade Metcalf -for Brown,Reader and Herbst ? No. Then to have him veto a trade between 2 equal wrestlers for some rule that does not exist was just maliciousness and pettiness on his part . Did you use all the wrestlers in that trade we made the same week ? NO.I could name a dozen trades where that happened including trades I made with Zapp .
    I hope your root canal is not too painful and hope that we may remain friends -that will be your call-as for Zapp i tried to put him on my 'ignore'' list but he is a moderator so I couldn't . but I can sure as hell ignore him .
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    Kinda blow job for Hcutt-he shot about 7 times and gave up a TD in the 2nd with 1 second left -I've been reading it on intermat all day . If i lose to Zapp it will be because of that trade he blocked -no other reason we are neck and neck now -but Brown is now out of the tourney -my only one out .
    I offered hm a deal for Metcalf and he counters with a BS deal that weakens you. me and strengthens him -I got a 141 who is still alive -opposed to cleveland who got stuck twice -Terry , the #5 ranked 149 in the country and GG -who I think is going to win 157 .
    Anyway -what do you expect from a pig but a grunt ? UM has no chance -as does anyone else at 84 not named Herbert .
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    Nothing personal about me being happy for Marble -he has had a very sad life for one so young -a lot of losses that have nothing to do with wrestling .
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    Gold -
    Who would you take for Herbst ? I have very little to offer as I traded away the farm for Metcalf . I am using Brown at 65 as my flex and he should get through as he has Zeerip and Rendos -whom he has already beaten -or I could trade you Baker and Brown for Kennedy and Herbst -we only have a few hours to work things out .
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    Hippie -good to see you back after your hiatus -we can trade now -I feel guilty after hanging on to Trevor all year but that is who-along with Hamrah -I had to give up to get Dwyer . Baker's seeds are nearly identical to last years -a decent kid then Rug -who he beat last year .then lost to the champion -Lashaway may have an easier go of things at first than Jaggers -Jaggers /Naumann should be a hell of a match .
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    Rd is really shitty-he hasn't even turned in a line up -there was never a rule about a trade deadline but he hasn't been following rules from the start .
    I don't care what happens .
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    If Zapp has not voted then how are there 7 votes -Rd-me ,you, -yes -yet it reads 4-3 no . acc said he was going to vote yes -so ???WTF-the wording is strange -Should I be allowed to allow trades .Meaning it is his choice .So why vote ?
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    Gold-do you mind if I ask how you voted ? I know the ones who voted yes -if you voted 'yes' then there is some BS going on as you would make the 4th yes .
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    you want to work out some kind of deal -??? Just in case some of these guys grow some nuts .?? I have a humongous one in my mind .
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    Have you seen the voting ? 8 people voted -only 7 of us left .
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    how can the trade/not trade be tied 3-3 ? i think those guys that quit should be make a commitment and you honor that commitment .During the draft I had to undergo a second part of my procedure and I was in agony and drugged out but i still made my drafts and posted line ups .I was standing above my computer -I was wearing this humongous shoulder harness -and typed in left-handed my line ups .
    I still type like a retarded monkey but I try -these guys just gave up-I can not understand that mind set . you wanna win ? if the trades go through i'll pm you .
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    I think it will be limited to the players left -You could go after Kyler but Brown has beaten him before 7-3. After Palmer's showing in the big 10 'd rather have Barnes . I recommended terry to TF but he is not that good -his record is but he hasn't wrestled anyone .
    Think up some options -i am bored to death .
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    you want Brenner back for herbst ? He is up to # 10 and won 11 in a row .
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    They are still trading in the other league as they should be -you have last years 6th place finisher at 197 on the bench as well as a guy I feel will AA this year -Honeycutt .His loss to UM came after his med def -he REALLY turned it on at confernces -I think he is at 100% for the first time in a long time .
    I do NOT know what to think of Colt after the big 10's-I wish we could still trade but I would take Brown at 49 over Terry -Terry has the better record but the big 12 bites at 49-I thought after our trade you could work out a deal to get better at 125 and 149 -it is your team and your call but Honeycutt is better than UM right now IMO-will the brackets be out in time for us to make changes ? I hope so-if UM is in Patterson's bracket sit him as Josh owns him now . you should ask Zapp to extend the trade deadline -tell him Metcalf may be available .
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    They are not cutting off my funding per se -I will remain on disabilty but the low income vouchers have been placed on ''hold''-had I received my promised voucher my rent would have been cut 2/3 ,or 25% of my income -on disability-after working for 30 years before being injured -I get a check for just under $700 a month plus food stamps-I live in a shit hole efficiency and pay $450 in rent -after utilities and other expenses I am left with 30-40 dollars a month to spend .
    It was a hard adjustment to go from school teacher/coach to prison to disabilty and from $45,000.00 a year to $8,000.00 a year but I dealt -really tired of existing day to day and given the choice of homelessness or robbing dope dealers -look at dope dealers -I never considered myself a criminal but i think the system wants me to become one -with the use of only one arm my fighting skills are greatly diminished and if you cannot fight you cannot survive in a homeless shelter or prison .
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    Hippie -the govt in their wisdom -sent me a letter saying I was next onthe low income housing due to the amount of money I hadput into the system and the severity of my disability-then they canceled all vouchers -So I am in a behind 4-0 late in the third -should I cut the guy and go for broke on a throw or accept defeat ?
    In case I am not around -make sure to post your line up for nationals -do it now then go ghange it later but make sure you have a line up .
    Good Luck .
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    I was thinking of running this by Zapp-everyone gets one wrestler from the 5 guys left out -you must surrender a starter at the same weight class -Start with the last weeks leading scorer , moi, then you or Herkey -on down the line -but you MUST give up a starter at the same class -I would give Caputo for Herbert -you would give up Brown for Caldwell --think this is worth pursuing ?
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