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  1. Hmm...those two picks can get you upgrades at 141 AND 174 from what I can see on the board. I can verify that the first guy picked is going to be a 174 and the second guy is a 125 so if you can get sick more picks to pass, then the #9 can get you a VERY solid 174 that I can see on the board (conference champs) and another who should be favored at 141 in another conference. Thats okay, I think I am just in need of sleep and bored.
  2. No way. I won't get anyone as good as Pataky with those draft choices.
  3. #9 and #15 for Pataky?
  4. Nah, I would need Pataky to start getting me some points pronto, hence the request today. Otherwise I will just pick up a 125 in the draft Friday and hope for the best.
  5. Wow, ok, interesting. If I did that, could I keep Pataky for the upcoming week?
  6. You need a 133 or 141 desperately. I hold the #2 overall pick. I need a good 125 (Pataky) and need to dump a 141 off of my roster to keep me at 15 guys. What say you Rader and my #2 overall for Pataky? You can pick up Novochkov or Marion and with Marion have 2/3 of the shot at making your Slaton/Marion combo work. You can always dump Rader in 1st, 2nd or 3rd round.
  7. We actually make a pretty decent trading match-up, we should talk.
  8. I would consider giving you #14 Trent Washington at 141 and tossing in #17 Gitomer at 125. You may laugh at Gitomer but he has a killer schedule and Trent Washington at UNI should win you a conference championship AND qualify for NCAA. I would want Pataky in exchange and a throw in guy as well.
  9. I think your calling is comedy.
  10. LOL, I meant to hit R.Payton's button. Thanks for letting me know that. That blows but I think he had a bad knee injury last year too. Thanks.
  11. Name isn't Russ, but I think Yates may be redshirting.
  12. Russell, I am going to log off, waiting on Dart to draft but if he doesn't come back, can you get me Peter Yates, 149, Virginia Tech?
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