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  1. Beer Bet III is coming up? You got any ideas?
  2. Guess our heavy/149 trade is could have had Steele for all I have left is Birchler.
  3. Last chance at a Morrill deal? I would do #9 and #15 for him. I guess I can hold out and hope a couple of guys are still there but I think Morrill is worth those two picks. Let me know.
  4. I just can't WAIT to hear his excuses...LOL...he is a character...the only reason I can stomach him is because I am sure I can twist him in to a pretzel, even at my age.
  5. for sure! I would stick with the FF @ 25, I'd say Robles is the man, but who knows.
  6. Sorry, you KNOW I just had to do it. He is going to go ape-shit on that one especially with his FORFEIT at 125...when he comes back that Ashmore wins the wrestle-off, then I will trim it to a decision and still point SCOREBOARD at 24-6.
  7. Risk, reward, he IS a national champion. That being said, maybe we can revisit it after the Holidays. Until then Galante should do okay for me at 165.
  8. I can't...I need both 65 pounders at least til christmas. The Bradley deal obviously scares me also.
  9. Ellis for Marable?
  10. We need to consider a mutually beneficial trade at 165 and Heavy.

    I got Zabriskie and Ellis, you got Marable and Epperly. I would actually consider Ellis for Marable as stupid as that may sound.
  11. I guess there's always the supplemental and since you will obviously be picking after me I can tell you that I am going to try to pick up Sentes at 125 and let go of Kjar. Kjar is a nice point getter but so far they have been at non-counting tournies and I guess Utah Valley has no post-season? I wasn't aware of that. I have talent but its thin and I blew picking the right tournies. Loading up on Iowa, Boise, Minny and Wisconsin was pretty smart for some...
  12. I just don't think I have anyone you'd want....@ 57 I'd trade kinser but no Hall. At 65 I need both Sherfey and Glasser, and Swartz is behind Sherfey so he's no good to you. 74..I have no back up and heavy I'd trade you Smith from BSU, but he's iffy for vegas....
  13. alright, how about I give you Grajales at 149...certainly a dark horse AA and possible conference champ...i need help at 157, 165, 174 or heavy...i would actually give him to you for this week at Vegas but I need someone in return at heavy who is going. let me know.
  14. Not a good story, but I did the same thing as homer. Little worse, it was on my dad @ nationals...yikes!
  15. Okay, I SWEAR by all that is holy that I am going to get your beers out this week. We had a dead soldier and was down to an 11 pack and then went on vacation to Minnesota last week for the fourth. I won't let you down. What is the JUICE on beers owed? Is it like 1 beer per month on a twelve pack?
  16. I'm just giving you a hard time.
    BTW...I'm always thirsty!
  17. I kid you not, the 12 beers are on top of my refrigerator. I will get them in the mail pronto. I can only imagine how good they will taste. Ice cold brewski's. Sorry. I think you will be happy.
  18. Boy I sure am getting thirsty during these hot summer days.........
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