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  1. No way man.........I'm gonna watch that little varmit win the Big 10s and place in the top 4 at the NCAA!!! Talk to our little bud LoST, he'll trade anybody!
  2. So we can end any suspense, I would give you Ellis and Triggas for Sanders and Deitchler...would you be open to something that included Sanders and Ellis?
  3. You have to admit, at least the match was close. I will gladly put that signature on because I agree. LOL.
  4. Here is your sig my man: " And this is what Gable would have done to Owings the second time around."
  5. thanks, but I'll pass on that. S-B came "this close' to beating Perry at the big 10s and I have confidence in him. Yohn could be another sleeper for Minny and I want to see how he does.
  6. what say i give you Chris Brown at 165 for Yohn at 184? I need a little bit of depth there and you seem to have another good 184. Your best 165 is ranked #16 and Brown is as high as #9 in some polls. Let me know.

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